'Bachelor in Paradise': Why Lace Is Ready for the Beach After a 6-Year Franchise Absence (Exclusive)

The reality star last appeared on 'BiP' in 2016.

Lace Morris is making her Bachelor Nation return! ET spoke with the longtime franchise star before filming of Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season kicked off, and she revealed why it was time for her to give love another chance.

"I’ve put so much work into myself, literally invested in myself. I have so much more to offer someone than I did at 25 years old," she said. "I’m wise, I’m more mature, I’m more calm. I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I’m just more equipped to love someone... I am a whole new person, and I am not what I used to be and I’m I’m excited to show you guys that."

Lace first appeared on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor in 2016. Later that year, she starred on season 3 of BiP, at the conclusion of which she got engaged to Grant Kemp, though they split shortly thereafter.

Despite her past heartbreak, Lace said she still believes in "being vulnerable with love."

"I think you've got to keep putting yourself out there, even after being burned so many times, or just failed relationships. You need to get back out there and try again," she said. "If you get a good opportunity like this, who doesn't wanna find love in paradise?"

As for any particular singles that have caught her eye, Lace quipped, "I have no idea who these new people are, but I know Brandon, Rodney and Jacob are hot."

While she may not know who she could develop a connection with, Lace is sure about one person she does not want to see on the beach.

"Grant better not be here," she said. "[I would] act like he's not there... I don't like him. I’ll be cordial and mature, now that I can. [I'll say], 'Hi, bye.' But I haven't seen him since we broke up."

No matter who it is she falls for, Lace is certain that she's "not gonna settle" this time around.

"I’m not gonna settle for love anymore. I won't do it. I need someone that's passionate about me and honest. Honesty is a huge thing for me, words of affirmation are huge. I need someone that just wants to have a good time," she said. "I’m also 32. My clock's ticking a little bit, so let's have a good time and let's be serious about settling down here in a few years."

With that in mind, Lace said she's fully focused on love and has decided that she's "not gonna be a part" of any drama that may come about.

"I’m coming in with a clean slate. I don't know the drama between all these contestants, but I’m over here trying to have fun," she said. "... Since I got engaged last time, I am hopeful that it could happen again. I have no expectations this time, so [I'm] very open-minded, but hopefully it does."

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise will premiere Tuesday, Sept. 27 on ABC.