'Bachelor' Peter Weber on Why He Broke Up With Kelley: Her 'Bachelorette' Chances (Exclusive)

What a turn.

Peter Weber's relationship with Kelley got a head start on this season of The Bachelor, as they had spontaneously connected weeks before filming. However, on Monday night's episode, their romance ran out of steam. 

With only four families to meet during next week's hometown dates, Peter ended his relationships with Natasha and Kelley, in favor of moving forward with Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Victoria F. Kelley's exit came after a brutal three-on-one date, in which she thought she had it in the bag. 

The 27-year-old lawyer declared 23-year-old Hannah Ann not in the right "phase" of life to get married, and called Victoria F. a "hot mess" -- but failed to convince Peter that she saw their romance as something that could really last. 

"I wish this could have worked," Peter told Kelley as he sent her packing. Our relatable queen didn't cry and she didn't yell -- but she did have some analysis of the situation to offer. 

"Peter made his decision and that's that. Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No," Kelley said. "I question his intentions, because I don't know what phase he is in his life." 

She also where the four remaining women are in their life. "Are you babies?" she asked to the camera, before remarking on how glad she was that she didn't go any further with Peter. "Thank you for not coming and meeting my family," Kelley hissed. 

Peter told ET's Lauren ZIma he had no regrets about sending Kelley home. "I am Kelley's biggest fan. I will say that," he offered. "I definitely had high hopes because of how we met and everything, but this wasn't meant to be." 

So, could Kelley be our next Bachelorette? While she earned fans respect by keeping it real this season, her sassy comments on Monday's episode left some viewers with a sour taste in their mouths. 

"Kelley would kill it. Kelley is so ready, Kelley is one of the smartest people I've met," Peter said of the attorney. "[She has] such a strong presence."

"I definitely had questions at first if she was really ready and wanted this. I was wrong, she truly was," he added. "I think she can absolutely make an amazing [Bachelorette]."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.