'The Bachelor': Peter Weber Sends a Frontrunner Packing Before Hometowns -- and She Has Some Choice Words

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Six became four on Monday's episode of The Bachelor. 

Following the five hours of content last week, this week we just had one (!!!) episode of the ABC dating show -- but that doesn't mean less drama. With Peter Weber's list of contestants dwindling, feelings went into overdrive. It was time to start spilling secrets, and both Madison and Kelsey had things to get off their chest as production headed to Lima, Peru. 

Madison did not reveal she's a virgin (that's still coming up, per the promo), but she did reveal that she's very religious. Peter, meanwhile, shared that he's falling in love with her -- and she awkwardly didn't say it back. She's unsure, we get it. 

Kelsey's family drama was more... dramatic, but if we know anything about Peter, it's that he loves a complicated situation and a tear to go with it. So, who went home? Our girl, Natasha, and our relatable queen, Kelley. 

Scroll down for a play by play of what went down.


6:59 PM:

Peter is happy with his decision, and toasts to this final four ladies. Cheers! 

Next week -- hometowns. Kelsey is in love, Madison could be falling in love (even though Peter has already told her he is), but she also hasn't told Peter she's a virgin. 

Hannah Ann's father is a tough guy, and Victoria is sassy AF. There is sobbing and we cannot wait. 

THEN -- more of Peter's breakdown. His heart is broken, Victoria is sobbing, Chris Harrison wants to get to the bottom of it, and someone gives Peter an ultimatum. 

Peter doesn't want it to seem like it's all about sex, but he's been ~intimate~ and there are SO MANY TEARS. 

We get that shot of Peter holding the ring, and Chris giving him some bombshell news. "That's what love stories are made of, and God has placed her here for you. Bring her home! Bring her home to us!" Peter's mom cries. BARBARA!

Thank You For Not Coming

6:56 PM:

Peter says his decision wasn't easy, and that he and Kelley just had a "friendship." 

She stares out of the car window like she's wondering if she just wasted the last six weeks of her life when she could have been doing lawyer things. We get it.

Peter returns to Hannah Ann, telling her he's so excited to go home with her. 

"Peter made his decision and that's that. Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No," Kelley says. "I question his intentions, because I don't know what phase he is in his life." 

She questions where the four remaining women are in their life. "Are you babies?" she asks and WE LOVE IT. "Thank you for not coming and meeting my family," Kelley hisses. 


6:53 PM:

Hannah Ann breaks down in tears, and Kelley wastes no time in getting out of her chair and heading to her car. 

"I wish this could have worked," Peter tells Kelley. He says he was holding on to the unique way they met. 

"It sucks it didn't work out," Kelley responds. 

Hannah Ann

6:52 PM:

There's one rose left, and just Kelley and Hannah Ann left in the running. They're freezing and looks like the camera crew did not bring lights to this shoot. 

"I gave Victoria the rose," Peter says. No sh*t. 

"Hannah Ann, I have enjoyed so much of just your sweet nature, and I just appreciate your honesty. I have enjoyed every moment with you up to this point," he continues. 

"Kelley, I have been just so excited about our relationship this entire time... I don't really know why we met the way that we did, but I'm grateful for it," Peter says. 

DECISION TIME. And the rose goes to Hannah Ann. 

But Why?

6:48 PM:

Peter walks Victoria over to... THE CAR????? 

He talks about how it hasn't been easy between them, and this looks like a breakup, but we think he's going to pull the wool over eyes. WE WERE RIGHT. "I wanna continue this. Will you accept this rose?" he asks her. 

Why are you playing us like that, Pete? And why did you just give her a rose? Does anyone remember that movie He's Just Not That Into You? (Was it also a book?) That "he" is a "she" and her name is Victoria. 


6:43 PM:

Kelley says Peter's decision is easy. "Look at me, I'm an attorney. The other girls, what are they?" she asks. 

We don't know what they are... but also -- is that kind of rude? 

Peter returns, and tells the women he doesn't need a dinner to decide what he's going to do. He picks up the rose and asks Victoria to go talk. 

Sh*t to Clear Up

6:42 PM:

Victoria has so much attitude with Peter, we can't figure out why he's into this at all. 

Now Victoria is crying over possibly losing Peter, and now he's back wrapped around her finger. 

"I'm mortified," she tells the camera -- and then tells the other women she and Peter have sh*t to clear up. 

A Mood

6:41 PM:

Peter sits down with Victoria F., and tells her he's a little confused after their past dates. He wants her to clarify where they're at, and she could not be more rude to him. 

"I feel like you're always in a mood, and it's extremely frustrating," she hisses at him. WHY IS HE DEALING WITH THIS? 

"What did I do?" she asks. 

"It's like you're attacking me," Peter says. "I feel like you have given me reasons to have doubt. I'm doing my best to move past those." 

Praise the Lord

6:39 PM:

Peter hates that Kelley uses the word "fun." "I want it to be more than just 'fun' for you," he tells her. 

Kelley tells Peter it is more -- but it doesn't need to be difficult. "Get rid of this drama, praise the Lord!" she tells the camera. 


6:36 PM:

Kelley is waiting for her "man" to come spend some time with her. "I'm not just gonna make drama," she vows -- and we believe her. Unfortunately, Peter LOVES drama. 

Kelley tells Peter she was bothered she didn't get another one-on-one this week. She has fun with Peter and wants to bring Peter home to his family -- but she's not going to cry over it. "Not every relationship has to sit here and be jumping through hurdles," she tells him. He looks sad. 

The Weak Get Cut

6:31 PM:

Hannah Ann's list is LONG and is written on pink paper with purple ink and we can't get over it. 

Peter LOVES IT and Victoria is being a negative Nelly. "I'm already in a pissed off mood. It's annoying to be around me!" she cries. 

"If you're weak, you're not going to last. The weak get cut," Kelley observes.


6:30 PM:

Kelsey IS COMFORTABLE on this date, and declares she's taking a nap while he goes off to talk with Hannah Ann. We can tell she is over this process and ready to go home. 

Hannah Ann immediately breaks down in tears. "I don't want to tell you goodbye. That has just weighed so heavy on me. It's been really, really difficult," she says. 

Peter tells Hannah Ann that they're very similar, and she apologizes for taking a while to pull her walls down. "I'm a very cheesy person, so I wrote down the reasons why I'm starting to fall for you," she tells Peter. 

Whichever One...

6:28 PM:

Peter and the ladies take a tour of a hacienda for their date and their tour guide awkwardly wishes Peter good luck with whoever he chooses. 

Should Be Fine...

6:37 PM:

Kelley analyzes the situation, noting that Hannah Ann is 23, and not in the "right phase of her life" for a marriage with Peter. Victoria, meanwhile, is a hot mess. "I think he sees that, and I should be fine," Kelley says. 

The women meet Peter who proudly shows off his scar for the millionth time this episode. 

Last Group Date

6:25 PM:

The rest of the ladies pack their bags for the three-on-one and while they're nervous, we're excited because this is THE LAST GROUP DATE OF THE SEASON! WAHOO!!!!!

Victoria thinks she could have messed it up last week. She's worried Peter doesn't like her anymore, but we think she has nothing to worry about because Peter loves her wishy washyness. 


6:20 PM:

Peter's date card for the three-on-one doesn't sugar coat it: "Tomorrow won't be easy." 

"We all know tomorrow won't be easy," Kelley says. She calls the other women children. "Who wants to go on a date with them?" 

Kelley is getting SASSY and we love it.


6:18 PM:

Peter loves his MATURE relationship with Kelsey. That's not the word we would have used, but happy that he's happy!


6:16 PM:

Peter wants to offer Kelsey validation, and says he's excited about meeting her family. 

"Kelsey, I am very excited about us. I had such an amazing time with you today," Peter says with a rose in hand. "I enjoyed tonight even more, and I know we really connect on a deep level, and I value that so much." 

He praises Kelsey for her strength and grace and she kisses him before he can finish his thought. "Kelsey, will you accept this rose?" he asks. "We're going to Iowa!" 


6:15 PM:

Kelsey is on the verge of tears, telling Peter she's told him this info so he's not confused by what he might see during her hometown date. Peter is inspired by Kelsey and her confession. 

"I never want to settle, and I could be married right now and have settled... but I want to be in love," Kelsey says. "I think I've learned a lot of what I don't want... I want to feel like I'm an equal." 

Kelsey wants to be able to be vulnerable with somebody, but we don't think that's very hard for her (JUST KEEPING IT REAL, SORRY!). She's scared by how things are progressing with Peter, and he tells her not to be.


6:14 PM:

Peter marvels at how their date hasn't been "emotional" so far, and WE ARE CRACKING UP BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS KELSEY IS EMOTIONAL. 

Peter gets straight to the point, asking her about her family. She tells him that she's sure her mom has probably already starting baking cookies for his visit. Her dad won't be there, and Kelsey says she hasn't spoken to her dad in YEARS. He tried to reach out after she won Miss Iowa (didn't know she won Miss Iowa) but she saw red flags. 

A year ago in Chile, Kelsey got a spontaneous text from her dad, and it went well. They've been in communication, but her mom doesn't know. WELL SHE DOES NOW. (We are always intrigued by confessions on national television... how does this keep happening???)


6:10 PM:

It's time for the night part of Peter and Kelsey's date, and she also has some confessions about her family. "I really want this, and I see a future with Peter," Kelsey tells the camera AND SHE'S ALREADY CRYING. THIS WOMAN, WHY?? 



6:06 PM:

Peter and Kelsey talk about the future, and she says she wants kids but also wants something for herself. 

He says it's fair for her to want to follow her passion -- but we don't know what her passion is. 

They kiss on the hill and it's commercial break. SWEET RELIEF

Low Standards

6:03 PM:

Kelsey must have really low standards, because she gushes over how sweet Peter is "looking back" at her on the ATV because he knows she's uncomfortable. 


They run up a hill and Peter is out of breath, but he's trying to have serious conversations. It's taking a while for him to spit it out.  

A True Test

6:03 PM:

Peter reminds us that Kelsey told him she's starting to fall in love with him -- but he says he hasn't yet decided if he can see her as his wife. 

To get to that important decision, he and Kelsey go ATVing in Peru. A true test of their relationship. 

Final Four

6:00 PM:

Victoria F. and Natasha have been roommates since the beginning and we had no idea because we never get to learn these BTS details amid all that love talk. 

Victoria says it's "scary," while Kelsey says it's a "wake up call." 

Another woman needs to leave for Peter to pick his final four. 


5:55 PM:

Natasha is SO CLASSY and tells Peter she hopes he's following his heart and finds what he's looking for. We would have given him a piece of our mind after all his shenanigans this season (you know what we mean). 

"I have a lot of relationships now that are progressing very fast," Peter says. "And I don't know if Natasha and I can catch up to where I am with the other relationships." 

Natasha keeps it real in her limo ride. "We're not on the same page," she says. An orchestra plays for dramatic effect, and Peter looks at them from over a balcony. EVEN MORE DRAMATIC. 

He does a Mesnick, but without the tears and WITH a rose. 

Someone... Else

5:52 PM:

Natasha and Peter discuss their future. She trusts him when he says he wants a forever, but we don't think he wants a forever with her. 

He tells the camera that Natasha has a lot of qualities he wants in a wife, but he sees her more as a friend. "I owe it to Natasha and myself to be brutally honest," he says. 

He picks up the rose and does NOT give it to her. WHY DID YOU PICK IT UP, DUDE? He puts the rose back, and tells Natasha she has a lot to offer someone... else. 


5:52 PM:

Madison and Kelley talk about how difficult it must be for Natasha to get a one-on-one so late into the journey. They're feeling pretty good about their chances. 


5:50 PM:

Natasha tells Peter that she feels good and "safe" when she's with him, but he needs to feel those things about her as well. She wants it to be special if she introduces him to her family. "How do you feel about it?" she asks Peter. 

Peter says he sees potential with Natasha -- who says she feels suspended until he makes a move. "I feel like I want it to continue," she shares. 

Not Looking Good

5:49 PM:

Peter meets Natasha for the night part of the date, but he's still talking about falling in love with Madison, so we don't think it's looking good for our girl. 

"I need to be honest with Natasha and with myself," he tells the camera. Yeah, not looking good. 

Another Date Card

5:47 PM:

Back at the hotel, there's a knock on the door. It's a date card for Kelsey -- which means there's also a three-on-one with Victoria, Hannah Ann and Kelley. 

"It will be nice to spend time with him without you guys there," Kelsey says.

That Person

5:43 PM:

Peter tells Natasha he's seen more sides of her than any other woman here. He praises her honesty -- even if it's sometimes "too honest." We don't think he liked some of her criticism this season, but we've LOVED IT. 

Natasha admits it's been a while since she's brought a guy home to meet her family. "I've always felt there was a connection and a vibe between us," she tells the camera, adding she's excited to continue on this same page. 

"I know he has connections with other people... I just hope I am that person," Natasha says. 

Arroz con Leche

5:39 PM:

Peter and Natasha explore the Plaza de Armas, and he looks more excited about his arroz con leche than he has been this entire season. 

Natasha makes jokes about Peter's other girlfriends, but she's trying to focus on on them. They awkwardly dance around, and Peter is LOVING IT. He says Natasha is a blast, but we think he means this date because he looks at others with more passion than he looks at her. Just calling it like we see it. 

Slow Start

5:37 PM:

The next day, Peter is feeling very good about his date with Madison. "Not that I ever want to compare relationships, but it's a very good benchmark for me," he says. 

It's his first one-on-one with Natasha, and he's not deterred by their slow start. She gets a look at his scar, and says it "looks good." 

Crazy About Her

5:32 PM:

Peter picks up the rose. "Hometowns are next week, and it would be such an honor to go meet your family," he beams. "So, Madison, will you accept this rose?" 

Peter awkwardly notes that he's never been to Alabama before (because he didn't end up with Hannah) but he's LOVING this date with Madison. 

"I think we're on the right track," he says. "I'm crazy about her. I'm falling in love with Madison right now, and it feels so good." 

Huge Step

5:31 PM:

Madison couldn't be happier Peter showed his heart. 

"It's the truth," he says. They laugh and kiss. 

"I'm honestly on cloud nine right now," Madison says, noting she didn't expect their conversation to take this turn. 

"I want someone who is so real and honest with me, someone who wants to get better," she gushes. "This was a huge, huge step." 


5:28 PM:

Madison says her faith is everything, and wants a husband who sees that. 

Peter takes a minute. "I totally hear that, and I want a family one day, more than anything," he responds. He says he loves how important Madison's faith is to her, and finds it inspiring. 

"I've been raised in a Christian household, and I definitely had faith... I feel like my faith could be stronger," he says. "That's me being brutally honest." 

Peter says it is something important to him. "I've always been a believer that there's no time frame on something of how you're feeling. And it's scary as hell for me, but I feel so good about you," he continues, "that... I know that I'm falling in love with you."

The Lord

5:27 PM:

Madison starts by telling Peter it's been "really, really hard." 

"I see a future with you," she explains to him, adding that her heart is starting to take over. "I know with hometowns coming up, you know how much family means to me." 

Madison says that she looks up to her dad, and wants someone who embodies those same qualities -- and that same "relationship with the Lord."

Hard Talks

5:25 PM:

Peter and Madison reach the night part of their date, and spend it dancing away at a club. 

"He's so like, real and vulnerable and raw, and I freaking love that," Madison gushes to the camera. "Knowing hometowns are coming up, I feel I owe it to him to be open and honest." 

They head to have dinner under the stars -- and Madison prepares to have the hard talks. 


5:22 PM:

Kelsey tells the other women that she loves Madison, but it's better for her if she doesn't come back. Natasha agrees. 

"Madison has now had two one-on-ones," Natasha notes, adding that Peter has made deeper connections with the other women there. "If my name isn't on the date card, I will be very hurt, and I may go home." 

Lucky for Natasha, the date card has her name on it.

Make or Break

5:18 PM:

Back at the hotel, Hannah Ann and Kelsey discuss Madison's chances, and how Madison has things she needs to get off her chest. 

"I don't know Madi extremely well, but I know she wants to have her husband lead her family in faith," Kelsey says, noting it needs to line up with the life Peter wants to have. 

Kelsey says Madison hasn't told Peter the full extent of how religious she is -- and it might be "make or break." 

Makeout Session

5:17 PM:

Madison and Peter makeout, and while he's happy she told him not to have doubts, he doesn't want to get blindsided again. 

Over dinner, he plans to make sure they really are on the same page. 


5:15 PM:

Peter tells Madison that this process is getting "confusing and difficult," especially as he's about to meet people's families. 

He says once he starts to give his heart, there's no going back. 

"I want you to know, I'm really serious about this, and I am here for you," Madison says. "I would not go through all this if I did not see a future with you." 

Peter loves that Madison told him that, because we think he really, really, really likes her. 

A Catch

5:15 PM:

Peter and Madison have fun exploring, and he says she feels like his "best friend," but one he can fall in love with. 

"It feels so good when we're together," he raves. "I definitely think Madison's a total catch, and I can for sure see a future with her." 

Peter catches a fish, which is also a CATCH. Get it? 

Respectfully Disagree

5:13 PM:

Peter's bandage is off, and he can't wait to show off his scar to Madison. She says it looks like he got into a fight "with a tiger or something." We respectfully disagree, but OK. 

Bottom Mascara

5:13 PM:

Madison gets ready for her date, putting on her bottom mascara and packing her bags in case she gets sent home. 

She says she has a lot to tell Peter. "I'm so pumped for an incredible date with Peter," she gushes. 

Madison and Peter meet up at a fishing village. "It's been too long," he says. 

Same Page

5:10 PM:

Kelley thinks Peter is stressed out because it's hard for them to give him reassurance at this point. She's SO REALISTIC. 

Madison agrees, sharing that she needs to make sure she and Peter are on the same page. Natasha agrees that they need clarity before inviting Peter home to meet their families. 

Natasha still hasn't had a one-on-one with Peter yet, and it's about damn time. Well, actually, it's not -- because Madison gets the date card. 

Date Card?

5:06 PM:

Peter gives each woman a very long hug goodbye -- but what about the date card? 

Be Honest

5:04 PM:

Back at the hotel, the ladies discuss who might be getting a one-on-one this week. 

Peter emerges with a smile on his face and a bandage on his forehead. "This is way better than a date card!" Hannah Ann exclaims. 

"I just wanted to drop by and just be very honest with all of you. Since that last rose ceremony, it really just made me start thinking," he begins. Peter's biggest fear is he falls for someone who isn't ready for marriage. "Just think about is this really what you want? ... Can you see having a family with me one day?" 


5:04 PM:

Peter has a heart-to-heart with his mom, Barbara, about how his journey is going so far.

Via FaceTime, she tells him he needs to be honest with himself, but we really want her OPINIONS on his scar. 


5:01 PM:

The ladies are in Peru, and Hannah Ann can't wait to advance her relationship with Peter. Kelley doesn't know what there is to do in Lima besides see alpacas, and she wants to do it before she leaves. Does this mean she's leaving? 

Wishy washy Victoria is excited about the prospect of hometowns, even though she's been wishy washy this whole season. 


5:00 PM:

Peter has six women, but not for long. 

On this week's episode, Victoria gets "crazy," Peter gets "brutally honest," and Natasha hopes a "b**ch" doesn't come back. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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