'The Bachelor': Peter Expresses Doubts About Victoria F. as The Drama Continues

The golf cart has nothing on the drama these ladies served up.

Peter Weber may have survived his run-in with the golf cart on Monday's episode of The Bachelor -- but that was nothing compared to the drama in store on Wednesday's episode. 

The cast and crew made their way to Santiago, Chile, on this week's bonus episode of the ABC dating show, and that's where Peter decided it was time to get down to business.

Fans saw the 28-year-old pilot grill frontrunner Hannah Ann on her relationship past, questioning whether she's really ready for marriage. Victoria F. got her second one-on-one date, and was wishy-washy as heck, but Peter couldn't get enough of it. It was on the group date that drama really soared, however, as Tammy and Mykenna fought so loudly that Peter could hear them from OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING.

That led to the infamous -- although this time kind of impromptu and mini -- two-on-one date, before the cocktail party. It was Tammy vs. Mykenna, but not two women, one rose, one stays, one goes... because both of them ended up leaving this week. Adios!

ET live blogged all FIVE HOURS of this week's Bachelor festivities. Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of Wednesday's telenovela. 

Seis Mujeres

Next week, we're going to Lima, Peru! 

Peter has seis mujeres (that's español for you), and he's starting to ~fall in love~ with one of them. 

Victoria F. is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, and there's so much sobbing. SO much to look forward to. 

The Third Person

There are tears as the ladies say their goodbyes. 

Sydney, who we thought Peter was into, gets a brief goodbye from Peter. "It sucks he didn't get to see all of Sydney," Sydney says of herself. "I want to feel like there is someone out there that can love me unconditionally." 

Mykenna leaves knowing she's SO STRONG. She's also confused as to why Peter made her go to the rose ceremony after the two-on-one with Tammy, just to send her home. She's crying as Peter gives the other ladies a group hug. 

"This girl right here is tough and strong, and she's powerful, and she's beautiful and she knows what she deserves more than anything," Mykenna cries. 

Do the producers encourage these women to speak in the third person? 

3 Roses and Who Goes-es

The ladies walk down 35 flights of stairs to the rose ceremony in the basement / winery. 

There's only three roses to hand out, and Mykenna's eyebrows are very pronounced. Have not noticed them before. 

Everyone looks so sad, especially Peter and his bandage, but we have a rose ceremony to get to, so here's who gets a flower: Kelsey, Natasha (our new girl now that Tammy is gone) and... Kelley.

Sydney and Mykenna are out -- and Mykenna is PHYSICALLY FROWNING. 


Shocker -- Victoria F. is still wishy-washy, but she manages to pull the wool over Peter's eyes. He wants to push down her walls and he's excited about it. 

This week is mainly highs for Peter, and FINALLY Chris Harrison is here to usher us into the rose ceremony. REJOICE!

Are We There Yet?

Sydney and Peter have a chit chat, and then so does Kelsey. They're both emotional about how invested they are in this, and we're losing interest because this is our fifth hour of this show this week. 

Let's wrap it up, ladies. Rose ceremony time? 


Natasha is really looking so good this episode. Girl is on her A-game -- get that Instagram sponsorship! 

Peter lies and tells Natasha he's not about the drama. She maybe believes him, and they kiss. 

Quality Time

Mykenna boasts to the women about coming out victorious, and Tammy tells the camera that Peter is looking for a "trophy wife." 

"She's a child," she says, in one last dig at Mykenna. 

Peter joins the ladies. "You may have noticed Tammy is not here tonight." Yeah, no sh*t, Peter.

He's looking forward to ~quality time~ with the remaining ladies, and steals Natasha away. 


Peter plops himself in between Mykenna and Tammy and tells Mykenna he trusts her, and asks to walk Tammy out. 

Not the outcome we would have hoped for, but it is what it is, and we're not that invested in these two, TBH. 

Tammy tells Peter she doesn't want this experience to be "robbed" for him, and then gets in the car and leaves. 


Mykenna tells Peter she's here for him. 

"I don't know what's going to happen tonight, but I'm going to keep pushing... because Peter's worth it, our love is worth it, and I know I'm worth it," she tells the camera. 

She storms back to the couch with Tammy, and this is HILARIOUS. "It really makes me sick that people like you come in here trying to brand themselves," Tammy says. "I truly feel bad for you." 

"I feel bad for YOU!" Mykenna shouts back, saying she's not the villain of this season. Wow, she does watch this show a lot. 

They are insulting each other without looking at each other and it's TOO MUCH. 

"You are nothing to me, girl," Mykenna hisses. 

"I'm everything," Tammy says. LOVE IT. 

What Is Her Job?

We forgot about the other women with all this drama. They're just waiting for the two-on-one to be over, and it's hilarious. We can't get over this bit!

Peter asks Mykenna to set the record straight. Her eyelids are fluttering and it's almost making us forget about her tongue in Monday's episode. 

"I just talked to Tammy and she told me you packed your bags," Peter tells her, because he loves to snitch. 

Mykenna says she was having a hard time, but she's glad she stayed. She says Tammy was twisting the whole hashtag thing, and we forgot to look up what Mykenna's job was. 


Tammy says she's ready to "fight to the death." "And no little girl with blonde hair from Canada is going to stop me," she promises. 

Tammy tells Mykenna that she better be ready to answer Peter's questions. "I'm wearing black today because it's her funeral. See you later," she hisses. 


Meant 2 Be

Peter takes Tammy off to chat. 

"I want to know what is going on. Like, I want to know your side of this," he says. 

Tammy tells Peter that Mykenna isn't here for the right reasons. "This is me collecting information," Tammy says, accusing Mykenna of creating hashtags for her brand. We don't know what that means. What is Mykenna's job? What is her brand?

Tammy also tells Peter that Mykenna packed her bags before the group date. "It's getting so serious for me, and she takes it very lightly. I don't take my emotions lightly," she says. 

Peter quizzes Tammy on where their future might go. "Girls like her disrupt the process," Tammy says. "I promise you, this is meant to be." 

Glaring and Staring

Dramatic music plays, and Mykenna and Tammy look ready for war. Tammy's outfit is fierce, and Mykenna's outfit matches her lips. 

They sit down on the same couch and glare at each other. "I don't know what your goal was the other night... but you made me find my voice," Mykenna says, on the verge of tears. "Kindness wins, love wins. Bringing people down never wins, and that's how I feel about that." 

Then Peter walks in. 

Enough Is Enough

It's the next day. Natasha's skin looks FLAWLESS, and Mykenna looks the same she's always looked this season. She has a makeup routine, and we get it. She likes a pink lip. 

There's a knock at the door, and it's a two-on-one -- before the cocktail party. "Enough is enough -- Peter," the card says. Tammy is ready to cut a b**ch, and we think it might be Mykenna. 

Mykenna is already talking about how she's ready to stand up to Tammy. "I'm sick of the Mykenna show consuming my time with Peter," Tammy tells the camera, accusing Mykenna of being here for publicity. 

Zero Interest

Peter gives Victoria F. a rose, even though she has literally has shown zero interest in staying. 

"I'm very happy Peter gave me the rose," she tells the camera. Oh, are you? 

"No more pushing away. OK?" Peter tells Victoria F. "As much I as I didn't want to say goodbye to her... I feel like this is my first real sense of doubt. It's a two-way street, and she's the first girl I've really fell for that I'm not receiving validation from." 

Not Going to Stop

Peter feels like Victora F. is two seconds from walking away from him. "I don't know what words to give her... there is just a disconnect," he says -- but still wants her to give them a chance. 

"I'm sorry," she says, returning to the table. "It's not all good." 

"I feel so bad," Victoria F. tells Peter. "You deserve someone who's confident... I don't know why I'm acting like this... I wish I could get to a point where I knew my own issues." 

"I'm OK dealing with them right now," Peter says. "I care about you so much... but I'm not going to stop." 


Natasha and Sydney talk about how Victoria F. has gotten to spend more time with Peter than anyone else. "I feel that someone like Victoria F. is someone that -- she wouldn't want to waste her time if she really didn't see something with him," Natasha speculates. 


Victoria F. confesses to a producer that Peter wants marriage, and she doesn't know if she's ready. 

"This is the most I've tried with anybody!" she sobs. Sounds like... you don't want to be here, girl. 

I Get It!

"Do you want to be here?" Peter asks Victoria F., who snaps back at him. 

She keeps playing with her hair. "I get it, Peter... I feel sick," she tells him, and storms off from the table. 

"I'm disappointed in myself, because I can't give him an honest answer," she tells a producer.

"She doesn't want this," Peter says on his end. "She's like, 'I don't know'... what else do I do right now?" 

The Tone!

Peter asks Victoria F. why she keeps putting walls up. "Why can't you just let this be, and not almost sabotage it?" he asks her. 

Victoria says she's "trying, trying, trying," and takes another sip of her wine, like she's annoyed at Peter. "I don't know why I put my walls up. It's maybe a combination of things... I don't know." 

Peter asks her not to put up these defense mechanisms, but Victoria F. says maybe she's just not "cut out for this." "Maybe you would be happier with someone who could me more open with you at this point," she tells him WITH A TONE.


Peter is left with DOUBT. "Up until we had that talk in that field, I had no idea she was having doubts," he explains -- and he's terrified. He doesn't want to get his heart broken. 

Victoria F. says she doesn't know why Peter gave her another one-on-one, and he tells her that he just wanted to spend more time with her, and see if their romance is what he "thinks it is." 

"I was very thrown off and caught off guard by how you were talking today," Peter tells her. "It hurt my confidence in us a little. It honestly made me sad." 


Peter says he's "scared" that he doesn't know where Victoria F.'s head is at. 

He's planning on getting to the bottom of it over dinner. 


Victoria verbalizes how she's having hard time, and "going back and forth" with her feelings for Peter. 

"I'm trying not to be in my head about the other girls. It's just hard. I'm sorry," she tells him. "I don't want to cry." 

"You're doing everything right... it's me," she sniffles, hiding her face with her hair. "I'm trying. Sometimes it's impossible." 

This is the sort of thing Peter LOVES to hear. "I need to ask you to be honest with yourself and be honest with me," he tells her. 

Future Mrs. Weber

Peter and Victoria F. look like they're having a blast on the date -- even though it looks like Victoria F. is messing up her shoes. 

"I can see it getting very serious with the two of us," he tells the camera. 

A local woman jokes he kisses her too much, and we agree. But Peter doesn't care -- he sees Victoria F. as a possible "future Mrs. Weber." 


Victoria F. knows this time around, "there's nobody else who can mess up this date for me than me." 

They learn about training horses, and Peter notes how it's just like a new relationship -- "you need to have that trust." "I think it's definitely going to help us connect," he tells the camera. 


It's a new day, and Peter's ready to spend it with a new Victoria -- Victoria F. 

Looks like having your ex show up on your first one-on-one pays off on The Bachelor, because she's getting a do-over. 

Fears + A Rose

Mykenna tells Peter that Tammy came at her. "I don't want you to have any fears about me," she says. 

Peter tells her not to get down or second-guess how he feels about her. She's instantly comforted. Mykenna feels like there's really something there between them -- and we think she doesn't know how to read the signs. 

The group date rose goes to Madison, who has Peter "excited" about the future. 

Things Have Escalated

Tammy and Mykenna are screaming at each other so loud that Peter can hear it from outside with Madison. 

"I feel like you love drama so much... I'm done with you bringing people down... Grow up!" Mykenna yells. 

Tammy gets up and storms off too -- and calls Kelsey an alcoholic on the way out. Things have ESCALATED. 

The Right Reasons

Mykenna has a mouth full of crackers, but that doesn't stop her from gushing over how great of a day she's been having and how she loves being "humorous." Tammy doesn't like it. 

Tammy goes on the offensive, calling out Mykenna, who is on defense HARD. "I AM HERE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS," she yells  -- and she's clearly watched this show even more than we have. 

We LIVE for Natasha's shady eyeballs during this strange fight that Kelsey keeps trying to butt into. 

"It seems Tammy's... more concerned with eliminating people who don't belong here," Natasha tells the camera. 


The date continues after Victoria P.'s exit, and Peter gets close to Madison. 

"I knew she wasn't my wife. I do have really strong relationships here, and I do see potential with a lot of these women," he tells the camera. 

Peter tells Madison he's written them a script, and she finally gets a few minutes of airtime. We almost forgot what she looked like, but we recognize those earrings she's worn every episode.

They go through their lines, and kiss. Madison feels so good about their relationship when they're alone. "He is super intentional with showing me how much he cares, which means a lot to me," she gushes to the camera. "He's cute." 

Another Goodbye

"I'm concerned for you, because I feel that you are -- I'm worried for you. And I hope that you're making the right decisions and... because this is the last conversation that we're going to have. This is not love, and that really sucks," Victoria P. says in tears -- and refuses to accept Peter's apology. 

"No, you don't apologize to me," she continues, before trying to locate a producer in the room. "Can I get a car, can I get a cab? I just want to leave." 

Victoria P. told Peter she didn't need him to walk her out -- but he chases her anyway. 

"Please... I just want you to know how grateful I am that I was able to meet you," he tries to comfort her, before sending her on her way. "And you're going to make someone so happy someday." 

"I know," Victoria P. says, hopping in her car home. 

Hisses Not Kisses

This is only getting worse.

"I know that I've been nothing but vulnerable and real with you," Victoria P. defends herself. "And I told you I was falling in love with you."

"What you felt, I felt on that date, I promise you. And it hurts me so much right now," Peter says.

Then Victoria P.'s emotions switch from sadness to anger. "I don't want you to be concerned about my feelings, because I'm OK," she hisses at Peter.

"I hope you are, but I'm still concerned," he shares.

Taking a Turn

"I know how badly you want this and you are ready for this, I see that. I know that your heart is in the right place, and I do not want to do anything to hurt you," Peter says -- and his tone changes. "I think that my biggest concern right now with you is maybe you are more secure and confident in us than I am. And I just -- I have to be totally honest with you, because that's what you deserve."

"I'm scared -- what are you trying to say?" Victoria P. asks. "Peter, I don't know. I don't know what that just meant... if I'm being honest -- are you saying that you don't want me to be here?" 

"I don't know if I see you as my wife," Peter finally admits. "I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry about that." 

Hand Kisses

Victoria P. keeps kissing Peter's hand, but he's not looking so into it. 

"I think we've both kind of felt a drop off. The obvious is with that Alayah stuff and... I hate that it did, but it distracted me," Peter admits. 

"I hate that... the only thing we can do now is move forward and focus on what's in front of us, and I want you to know that when I look at you, I see someone that I want to fight for, and I just want to feel good about us, and I want to feel that you want the same things that I do in the future," Victoria P. tells Peter. More hand kisses!

Physical Touch

Victoria P. gets her one-on-one time with Peter, and sits on his lap because she needs some physical touch. 

 "There have been things I've wanted to talk to you about. I don't think we ever talked about the whole Alayah thing. I just don't want you to question who I am in my heart at all through this. And I feel like when my heart was in question, I kind of recoil and kind of take a step back and I just don't want you to have any doubts. And I felt like after our one-on-one, we were both so certain, and I just want to get back to that," she explains. 



Peter and Kelsey talk about how much they've grown together and overcome so much drama. 

"It's amazing just to see how quickly it has been working for me," Peter tells Kelsey. They MAKE OUT. 

The other ladies discuss where they are -- and Victoria P. says she has some things she needs to get to the bottom of. 

Cats and Fruit

At the night part of the date, a stray cat walks down the sidewalk. The ladies also arrive to a swanky new location with a delicious fruit platter. 

Mykenna is SO EXCITED and Peter enters speaking Spanish again. "You guys look stunning," he gushes. "This is getting really real, so I'm just looking forward to tonight, to connecting and building these relationships." 

Plot Twist

The ladies are killing their roles -- especially Tammy, who is holding a knife with her thumb and index finger at the very tip of it. WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH AND YES, GIVE HER THE OSCAR. 

But wait, plot twist, insecure Mykenna, who feels like she's never seen by Peter, ends up being Pedro's true love. "This was a sign that I needed today. I'm glad that I followed my heart and didn't leave today," she tells the camera. 

Enter Chris Harrison, who tells "mijo" that Mykenna is actually his aunt, Stefanie. Womp Womp!


Kelley plays Peter's grandma, and she's gone for some kind of Russian accent. "Maybe I'm a GIFL," she tells the camera. 

"Sometimes, Pedro, you don't need to find love. It might be me, your abuela," Kelly says, changing up the lines. 

"I'm just going to say incest is best on this one," she jokes. 

Putting the Ladies to the Test

Mykenna is feeling so down, and like Peter doesn't notice her AT ALL. 

Peter wants a passionate woman, so he puts them to the test in a telenovela. He says he picked up Spanish watching telenovelas with his grandma, but today, it's all about a new story -- and one about earning Peter's love. 

Mykenna gets the role of the maid. "She's kind of someone that is just not noticed by Pedro, so I feel like I can really relate to her in this piece," Mykenna says. 

Tammy, meanwhile, is all glammed out and ready to rip some throats out. 

Two Date Cards

Back at the house, Kelley reads off the TWO date cards. 

First is a group date. "Luz, camara y accion," she reads -- so it's an acting date. Second -- it's a one-on-one for Victoria F., with whom Peter feels he didn't "get a fair shot." 

The women are pissed that Victoria F. is already getting her second date when some haven't even gotten their first. "Him doing this is like, he doesn't see anything in me," Mykenna cries to Kelsey. "I feel like I need to leave." 

Falling in Love

Peter leaves Hannah Ann again, but this time he comes back with a rose. 

"I know that this isn't easy for you, and like, I just want you to know how much this means to me. I don't want to feel like it's perfect," he tells her. "Hannah Ann, will you accept this rose?" 

She accepts it, and tells the camera she's never had feelings like this. "This is very real for me," she says. 

"I really get Hannah Ann... I did not expect to feel this kind of breakthrough with her," Peter tells the camera. "I can see myself falling in love with Hannah Ann." 

Crying Women

Peter admits he's frustrated. "I want to know what she's feeling, but she's not showing me that. I'm questioning if we do have that deep enough connection," he tells the camera. 

Hannah follows Peter, and she's in tears. "I can't... smile through it anymore," she says. "I really care a lot. I want you to know that." 

"This is what I want to see," Peter says, because HE LOVES CRYING WOMEN. 

"After our conversation, it's like, I just broke down. I'm starting to fall in love with you," Hannah Ann cries. But also -- how does she know that? 

Excuse Me

Hannah Ann tells Peter about her relationship experience after he asks if she's had a serious romance.

"Yeah, I have," Hannah Ann almost eagerly replies. "I dated someone for about three and a half years... but it wasn't in love."

"How are you so confident that this is what you want?" he asks her. We would like to know the same. 

"This is what I want because I haven't found that true love in my past, you know," Hannah attempts to explain. 

Peter says it's real for him and complicated. "I can't -- I don't know. Will you excuse me for one second?" 

Shallow Waters of Life

Hannah Ann meets up with Peter for the night part of the date -- where Peter loves their passion but doesn't love his doubts about her readiness for marriage. 

"What are your goals?" he asks Hannah Ann, who says that she wants to model as long as she can. 

"So many people stay in the shallow waters of life... let's go deep," she replies -- and Peter is impressed. 

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Peter expresses his worry about whether Hannah Ann is really ready for marriage having not been in love before. 

"I really need to feel that from her tonight," he says. 

Uh Oh

A local couple tells Peter they've been married for over 20 years, and offers some advice to him and Hannah. They also remark at how young Hannah Ann looks, and it's hilarious. 

"Sometimes I still worry about her age," Peter confesses to the camera. 

"I've felt love before, but I've never truly been in love," Hannah Ann tells Peter for the first time -- and he's shocked and concerned. 



Hannah Ann asks Peter to teach her some Spanish, and he doesn't do a very good job of it -- he just kind of speaks Spanish at her. 

They dance around at Santiago's Plaza de Armas, get some food and chat with the locals. "She just makes me laugh," Peter gushes of the 23-year-old. 

"This is the perfect date for her to be on... I see so much potential," he adds. 

Ready for Marriage?

Peter joins the ladies, and tells Hannah Ann it's time for her one-on-one. 

"It was a girls day, but I guess I could ditch my girls today," she teases. 

"I'm pretty bummed. Of course I wanted to be on the one-on-one with him. Hannah Ann is one of the younger people in the house. I mean, is she actually ready for marriage?" Natasha asks. 

Shut the F**k Up

The ladies enjoy a drink at a cafe, and Tammy toasts to starting fresh. Then Mykenna starts crying about all the drama from last week. WE THOUGHT WE WERE MOVING FORWARD. 

We can't take the women's faces as they watch her struggle. Victoria F. casually slams her for how she interrupted the rose ceremony last week, and the drama is HERE. "Shut the f**k up. The fact is, if Peter liked you... he would have made time with you and he hasn't," she tells the camera. 

Interesting Choice

Peter is speaking Spanish to indicate that we're still in Spanish-speaking countries. We're in Santiago, Chile, and he just got his stitches removed. 

Peter's ready to get hot and spicy with the ladies after last week's roller coaster, and his hotel room in Santiago has a bathtub in the bedroom, in front of the window. Interesting choice!

Verge of a Breakdown

Wahoo the time has come and the drama is still kicking. In case you forgot, last episode ended with Mykenna on the verge of a breakdown and Tammy fighting for her life. 

This episode, Peter has "doubt" over Victoria F., Hannah Ann is crying, and Victoria P. has concerns. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The show will also air an episode on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.