'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Peter Weber Digs Into Hannah Ann's Past Relationships (Exclusive)

Once bitten by a Hannah, twice shy. 

Once bitten by a Hannah, twice shy. 

Peter Weber isn't ready for another Hannah heartbreak, so this time around, he's armed with the tough questions. Only ET has an exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor, in which the 28-year-old pilot has a one-on-one date with seeming frontrunner Hannah Ann -- whose lack of relationship experience concerns him. The half-Cuban Bachelor gets straight to it as they sit down for dinner, grilling Hannah Ann about her past and what makes her ready to really settle down. 

"I've never met someone like Hannah Ann," Peter says in the clip. "And tonight, I'm really excited to connect with her on an emotional level and on a deeper level and see why she does feel like she is really for this." 

"Do you mind if I ask you about previous relationships?" he asks her over a glass of wine. "You had told me that you've never been in love before. Have you had a serious relationship?" 

"Yeah, I have," Hannah Ann almost eagerly replies. "I dated someone for about three and a half years, but I wasn't in love."

"OK. Yeah," Peter responds -- but it's clear his concerns haven't been calmed. "Do you 100 percent feel like this is what you want?" 

"I am!" Hannah Ann, 24, declares. 

Peter, still wary, presses further. "How are you so confident that this is what you want?" he asks her. We would like to know the same. 

"This is what I want because I haven't found that true love in my past, you know," Hannah attempts to explain. 

"I just -- I can't," Peter says, seemingly getting out of his chair in frustration. "Excuse me for one second. I'll be right back."

See the full clip in the video player above. 

It seems Peter's head injury isn't getting in the way of his journey to find love. Monday's episode of the ABC dating show saw the California native being rushed to the hospital after his head collided with a golf cart and a glass in Costa Rica. Peter told ET it "looked like a murder scene." See more in the video below. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The show will also air a special episode this Wednesday, Feb. 5. 


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