'The Bachelor': Peter Weber Is Left With a Major Warning After Allegations and a Screaming Match

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The Bachelor headed to Central America -- but it wasn't all roses for Peter Weber

The half-Cuban Bachelor and his remaining women traveled to Costa Rica on Monday's three-hour (yes, three-hour) episode of the ABC dating series, which saw Peter's shocking freak accident. Peter, who arrived in the country before his contestants, found himself in the hospital after his head collided with a golf cart -- and then the glass he was holding in his hand. He told ET that it "looked like a murder scene." 

"There was a ton of blood... It just started pouring out," he revealed. "My forehead was literally split open."

Peter also said that his injury "didn't slow anything down" with production, but it did have an effect on the women. "I walk up and I see them for the first time and they were just like, 'Oh. OMG, what happened?' I told them some crazy story like I fought a puma off in the jungle to kind of like make it sound better," he joked.   

ET was live blogging Monday's episode, which revealed that Peter's injury was far from the most dramatic thing to happen during his travels. There was a full-on screaming match between Sydney and Tammy, allegations of alcohol abuse and pill popping against Kelsey and TOO. MANY. TEARS. 

Scroll down for a play-by-play of everything that went down.

Show Us The Tapes

8:00 PM:

Chris Harrison bids us farewell this episode as he "anonymously" recaps Peter's injury -- and calls him the "clumsiest" Bachelor they've ever had. We believe it.... and still want to see some footage from the hospital. 



7:57 PM:

And on Wednesday -- Hannah Ann gets some alone time, and Peter promises to get "spicey" with the ladies. 

Tammy tells Peter someone's ready to leave, Victoria P. is worried for him, and Hannah Ann can't "smile through it anymore." 

Mykenna is crying and Tammy's saying "bye b**ch." 

A Warning

7:57 PM:

Shiann leaves with a warning. "Some of the girls that are here... sometimes what you're seeing is not who they are," she tells Peter. 

Ooo boy, you better follow up on that!


7:55 PM:

Shiann and Lexi are sent home. "I'm sorry, I'm just following my heart," Peter tells Lexi before sending her on her way. 

She's crying, and so is Shiann. And they looked so good in that photo shoot on the group date. Bummer. 


7:53 PM:

Victoria F. gets a rose, and so does Madison (who is recycling her earrings like a true Kate Middleton -- you go girl). Natasha is next, and then Victoria P. 

Mykenna (looks like her stolen time paid off) gets a rose, and then there's just one left. And it goes to our girl TAMMY! 

Sorry to the other ladies. 

Trust Me

7:51 PM:

The ladies are pissed at Mykenna and Tammy taking their time at the rose ceremony, and Peter goes off to think things over. 

Wait, now he's back. "I'm sorry," he tells the women. "I need you to trust me and just know I'm following my heart." 

This Is So Dumb

7:49 PM:

Tammy asks Peter if he got clarity on "something that I said." 

"Uhhh," Peter replies. Aka, "Yes." 

"I would just hope that you would never think I was coming from a malicious place. I'm here to focus on my relationship with you," Tammy says. And then Mykenna shows up to steal Peter "for a second." 


Mykenna cries over how broken down she is over the drama. "I guess I"ll go next, since this is now a cocktail party in the middle of the rose ceremony," Lexi says. "This is so dumb."

An Interruption

7:48 PM:

Peter tells the ladies that he has the clarity he needed and couldn't feel more confident about the choices he's about to make. 

He picks up his first rose -- and then Tammy interrupts him, asking to chat. 

Fight to the Death

7:46 PM:

Ready or not, the rose ceremony is here. Yes, two rose ceremonies in one episode, but that's what we get when it's three hours long. 

Some women are worried -- because there's only six roses on the table. "I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to make buddies," Tammy says. "I'll fight to the death for Peter." We believe it. 

Feel 4 U, Girl

7:40 PM:

Mykenna is crying, Victoria F. is casually drinking her drink, and Sydney is trying to cool down after her fight with Tammy. 

"I didn't start the pill popping rumor. All the girls feel the same way, but they don't have the backbone to admit that," Tammy cries to the camera. "I gave up my entire life to be here, and to get sent home for this sh*t is ridiculous." 

We have to say, we feel for Tammy. 


7:40 PM:

Now Sydney is fighting with Tammy over what she said. Tammy says she got the pill info from Victoria P., who says she wants to stay out of the drama -- but girl, you ARE IN IT. 

We can't handle how all these women stir the pot and then deny it. We also love it. We are as confused as Peter. 

Sydney says the other women are the last thing on her mind when she's with Peter. Tammy brings up that Sydney talked about Alayah, but Sydney says it was Peter who brought her up. SOMETHING IS FISHY. Now Sydney and Tammy are full-on yelling at each other, while Hannah Ann and Madison are seemingly somewhere else, trying to figure out what's going on. 

Sydney says Tammy is "crazy," and Tammy calls Sydney a "diva." 

Fired Up

7:35 PM:

It's raining and the women are FIRED UP. 

"Kelsey goes and talks to Peter, and now the cocktail party is canceled," Natasha says. "It's messed up, and now I could go home tonight." 

Tammy asks Kelsey what was said about her, and Kelsey says she accused her of drinking and popping pills. Tammy denies saying popping pills, but other women back Kelsey up. Now the women are against Tammy, telling her that's it's not OK for her to say things like that. (BTW, Kelsey says she just takes Adderrall and birth control.) 

Full-On Crying

7:31 PM:

Tammy asks Kelsey if she spoke about her to Peter, and Kelsey admits she did. 

The women are pissed and Mykenna is full-on crying. "What I wanted to tell him tonight was big, and I needed this time. I'm so f**king frustrated," she sobs. 

"I don't want to leave here with regrets," Mykenna tells the camera. Cue the thunder. 

Dun Dun Dun!

7:29 PM:

Mykenna has said for the 45th time that she can see herself falling in love with Peter. 

"Going forward, you have to have those big moments with him," she tells the ladies in a pep talk before Peter arrives. Scratch that -- Chris Harrison is here. 

Chris says we're going straight to the rose ceremony tonight. Dun dun dun!

"Earlier today, he got the clarity he needs," Chris explains. "So, we're going to head straight into the rose ceremony." 

Saving A**

7:27 PM:

The women speculate about what exactly Kelsey told Peter. 

"It's kind of annoying Kelsey went to go see him before the cocktail party," Tammy says. "Why does she get the advantage... Kelsey went there to save her own a**." 


7:23 PM:

Kelsey returns to the ladies and tells them what happened. 

"I do want to address to you why I talked to him, and all I said was some stuff was said. We had a talk, it was squashed, so hopefully tonight should be smooth sailing," she announces. 

The women are staring daggers at her. 

A Rose for Kelsey

7:19 PM:

Peter loves that Kelsey felt the need to come over and clarify things with him. "I really see something with you... and to be completely honest, I don't need a rose ceremony tonight to know how I feel about you," he tells her. 

"Kelsey, I love that you came over here today, and you just continue to reinforce to me that you want this just as badly as I do. And it just makes me feel so good and secure in us. So, will you accept this rose?" Peter asks. 

Kelsey is loving it. Her plan worked better than she could have hoped and Peter tells her to sport that rose "proudly." Bad advice. 


7:18 PM:

Now Kelsey is legit crying, telling Peter that Tammy has told the girls that she has a drinking problem and is popping pills. 

"I want to squash it right now," she tearfully says. 

Peter says it's hurtful to hear, and speculates that maybe Tammy said that because she's "trying to attack you... out of jealousy." YOU KNOW NOTHING, PETER. STOP ENCOURAGING THIS. 

Peter and Kelsey end things with a cuddle and we are so disappointed. 

Iowa... Caucus

7:17 PM:

Tammy is ready for Peter to see Kelsey's true colors and send her "back to whereever the f**k Iowa is." But we don't think that's going to happen. 

Kelsey sneaks up on Peter and sits down for a chat. "Basically, like, something that shouldn't have been a big deal has gotten blown out of proportion, and people are saying that I was mad and upset because Sydney was on the date... and that wasn't the case," she says. Kelsey already sounds like she's on the verge of tears. 

She tells Peter that if it comes up, she doesn't want him to be confused as to where she stands. 

"You have been... so honest," Peter says. "I don't care what any of the girls say. I care about this." 

Sneaking Out

7:14 PM:

Tammy tells the ladies that Kelsey "needs to go home." 

"She cries every fricking day, and her escape... is to drink," she says. 

"She's probably the most insecure girl I've ever met in my entire life," Tammy says. "Who knows what she's doing?" 

Kelsey is GETTING READY and heading out -- probz to go see Peter. 


7:09 PM:

Peter admits that Kelley challenges him. 

"This is my life, this is my wife, and it's too big of a decision for me to say, 'No,' and 'Bye' at this point," he tells the camera. 

Kelley says she and Peter are in a good spot. She seems cautiously optimistic. "I definitely think the connection's there," she says. 

COMING UP -- drama with Kelsey. 

A Rose for Kelley

7:07 PM:

Kelley is trying to dig herself out of the whole, and tells Peter that she's "working on it, 100 percent." 

"Since night one, I said, 'I know this works, and if you give yourself to this, I know it can,'" he replies. "It's only about to get harder and harder and more serious." 

Kelley agrees, and Peter picks up the rose. "Kelley... we obviously had the strongest initial connection out of anyone. I do feel like we did kind of get into a lull, and it made me question a lot of things about us, your intentions and how you were feeling... it created doubt I didn't want to feel," Peter says. "I need you to trust in this process. I need you to trust everything about it." 

Peter is making a lot of demands, and we're not sure how we feel about it -- or like the way he's talking to her. But now he's smiling and is GIVING HER THE ROSE. 


7:05 PM:

Peter asks Kelley why the shaman said they were in two different phases of life -- and she brings up how she and Hannah Ann ARE in different phases. 

She also asks Peter why he was rewarding the drama in the house, and he is not happy. "I think it just got frustrating for me, because I was like, 'How do I break through?'" she says. "If our relationship is strong enough... I could be engaged." 

Peter looks concerned AF, and we're not sure they're going to get through this. 

When It Rains...

7:03 PM:

Peter levels with Kelley, telling her that he needs to know her heart is in this. 


"I've had zero opportunity to progress it," Kelley says. She's defensive, and Peter says she's had a complacency.

Kelley is fighting Peter on every single one of his claims -- and tells him that she had a moment in Cleveland where she asked herself what she was doing. She decided she can have fun with this, but that's not what Peter wants to hear. 

Thinking Hard

7:00 PM:

Peter is staring out into the distance, which means he's really thinking hard. 

Kelley arrives to the date in an umbrella and we swear it's the first time we've ever seen one on this show. Peter probably does not want to stand under her umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. 

Peter and his bandage tell us that they like Kelley a lot, but they really need to see more from her. Wow, this is new information! 


6:54 PM:

Kelsey sits down to talk it out with Tammy. "Do you have a problem with me, and if so, what is it?" Kelsey asks. "I'm sick of the drama." 

Tammy tells Kelsey that she spoke to Peter about her, but it wasn't about her... it was about her. YES WE ARE CONFUSED TOO. 

Kelsey calls Tammy "honey" and it was not a good move. "Don't call me honey!" Tammy warns. 

Kelsey says she doesn't drink that much, and Tammy asks how she got so drunk. This is not reaching a resolution. 

TEARS ARE BUILDING UP in Kelsey's eyes, and Tammy tells her that drinking herself away is not healthy and Kelsey breaks down. Tammy walks away. "I'm done!" SO ARE WE. 

Made Up His Mind

6:53 PM:

Despite all his struggles, Peter says he does "like her a lot." But now he's back to saying he can't keep going on like this. 



6:51 PM:

Peter starts baring his soul to Kelley, who gets distracted by a lizard running behind him. 

"It's not easy to be like, 'Here's my all!'" Kelley tells the camera. 

The spiritual leader tells Kelley and Peter that they're not on the same page, and it's NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR THEM. 

"The female is pushing back. It's repressed," the spiritual leader tells them. 

"It's very frustrating to me, because she hasn't tried hard enough," Peter says. OUCH. 

Unique Story

6:50 PM:

Peter's espanol is back as he and Kelley go on some spiritual date to get in touch with their emotions. 

"We have a unique story... we actually met a few weeks before this whole journey began," he tells the spiritual leaders. Do they watch The Bachelor? Do they know what "this whole journey" means? 

Peter is looking forward to getting in touch with his spiritual side,and we're loving Kelley's leopard print bikini. Cheetah girl, cheetah sister! (Yes we know they're different cats. Just go with it!) 

Reasonable Kelley

6:46 PM:

It's time for Kelley's one-on-one, and she's approaching it realistically. She's here to find out if she's "into it" just as much as he is. How did they let her on this show? She is so practical!!! 

Peter and Kelley at least look excited to see each other -- but Peter notes they've plateaued since their first meeting. "I need to see a lot from her today," he notes. 

Get to the Bottom of It

6:41 PM:

Peter gives the rose to someone who surprisingly wasn't a part of the drama this time around -- Hannah Ann. 

Kelsey is upset. "I'm feeling unsure on how tonight's going to affect my relationship with Peter. I shared with him that I was falling in love with him, and when I asked the girls who told him I was emotionally unstable, no one spoke up," she says. "I will make sure to get to the bottom of it." 

Four Days!

6:41 PM:

Kelsey says she's the only one being vulnerable and the women lose it. 

"The drama continues, and I'm sick of it. Get it together," Victoria F. says. 

"You were upset over a bottle of champagne for four days," Tammy reminds Kelsey. 

Peter comes back with a huge smile on his face and it's awkward AF. 

Mind Yo Business

6:37 PM:

"Supposedly, I'm emotionally unstable," Kelsey tells the women. "I've been very expressive with crying and being emotional... that doesn't make me emotionally unstable." 

Kelsey is literally crying right now, but says she's "proud of it." "But it's not cool to go to him," she says. 

Natasha jumps in, telling Kelsey that it's between Kelsey and whoever told Peter -- but also that there's a lot of other women who haven't even gotten one-on-ones. 

Lexi chimes in too, and Kelsey admits she's "emotional." Victoria F. tells her to remember to be a "strong woman." "Mind your own f**king business. I don't talk about other relationships when I'm with him," Kelsey says. 

The Kelsey Train

6:33 PM:

The Kelsey train is coming for you, Tammy! 

"So, do we want to talk about who said I was emotionally unstable today?" Kelsey asks the group. 


Red Flag

6:32 PM:

Peter is concerned, and considers Tammy's intel a "possible red flag." 

He confronts Kelsey about it JUST LIKE WE SAID HE WOULD. "I just wanted to ask you, because I heard that you had a little bit of a mental breakdown yesterday," he begins. 

"It wasn't a breakdown," Kelsey says. "It was me processing my feelings for you." 

"I was sad. I was really sad!" Kelsey continues to defend herself... in a way that looks like she is HAVING A MENTAL BREAKDOWN. "If I feel like I can't handle it, I will tell you." 

Oh No

6:28 PM:

Tammy talks to the other women about how Kelsey is losing it, and Victoria F. tells her that Kelsey told her that everyone is fake. Tammy is pissed -- and thinks she needs to tell Peter about it. 

"If he's not seeing the whole side of her, I need to voice my concerns," Tammy tells the camera. 

"Last night, Kelsey was like, going through a mental breakdown, because Sydney went off with you in a helicopter... she was just sitting by herself, crying her eyes out, and I've seen multiple times that she's been drinking excessively," Tammy says. Oh no, Tammy -- never put yourself in the line of fire, especially since you know Peter is going to go straight to Kelsey and tell her what you said!!!!!

Why Are You On This Show?

6:26 PM:

Kelsey opens up to Peter about how hard it's all been for her after their one-on-one. 

She says she's falling in love with Peter, but "it's scary." "I have thought about you so much. If only you knew, you would not be scared right now," Peter tells her. 

Kelsey says she never expected to have feelings this strong for Peter, but then WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SHOW, GIRL? 

Falling In Love

6:24 PM:

Hannah Ann tells Peter that she knows she needs to give it her all, because she sees Peter doing the same. 

Mykenna says she can maybe see herself falling in love with Peter, and Kelsey is questioning everything. Victoria P. "can't stop thinking" about Peter (how did things change so quickly between them?) and Madison feels so comfortable with him. 

"I do see a future with Peter and I was not expecting to feel these feelings," Kelsey tells the camera. 

A Total 180

6:21 PM:

At the night part of the group date, the ladies have brought out all their colorful dresses and are ready to get more time with Peter. 

Hannah Ann is optimistic she'll get the rose because she's wearing a certain ring, and we guess you have to hold onto whatever will give you hope these days. 

Peter takes Victoria F. off for a chat, because they haven't gotten enough time together yet. "Guess what two days ago was?" Victoria F. asks him. It was her 26th birthday, and Peter says he knew it was, but didn't say anything. Victoria F. is putting Peter in his place and it is such a 180 from the shy girl she was at the beginning of the season. 

"We have a connection, there's no doubt about that," Peter gushes to the camera. "I feel really good about where we could go." 

No Surprise Here

6:17 PM:

The winner is... no surprise here, Victoria F. 

It pays to be bold -- and to make out with Peter in front of the other women. "I am so happy!" she gushes, as she and Peter go off to take more photos together. 

They make out more and the other women awkwardly watch. Also, how awkward if Peter and Victoria F. don't end up together. 

Kelsey's soundtrack of complaining accompanies Peter and Victoria F.'s romantic photo shoot and thank the lord for this commercial break because we needed it.

More Dramatic

6:16 PM:

Peter joins the action, and the photographer calls for something "more dramatic" -- so Victoria F., who was shy AF on the other group date, decides to make out with him right next to the other ladies. 

The girls boo them, and we SUPPORT 100 PERCENT. HOW AWKWARD. 

Hannah Ann decides to kiss Peter too, and Tammy's face says it all. 

A Leg Up

6:13 PM:

The women rush to go pick out their swimsuits -- and the Cosmo boss notes Hannah Ann has a "leg up" because she's already a model. 

"She does," Peter agrees. Hannah Ann, who already won the last model competition date, clearly has her eyes on the prize -- but so do the other ladies.

The shots actually look pretty good and we're v impressed. Looks like Hannah Ann isn't the only model in the rain forest. 

No Bruises

6:10 PM:

It's group date time -- and after last week's football date, Peter promises they won't get bruises this time. 

Instead, the ladies will be posing for an upcoming Cosmopolitan spread. Whoever impresses the Cosmo team most will get to be on the magazine's March cover. 

A Dramatic B**ch

6:05 PM:

Kelsey is slowly losing it, telling Tammy that she'll never get over Peter dating other women. 

"Does he see what I see with certain people?" Kelsey asks. 

Kelsey says she likes Sydney a lot, "but she's a dramatic b**ch." OK. 

"Kelsey is a hot mess. She's been crying for weeks. She cried over a champagne bottle for four days," Tammy observes. 

Tammy tells the other women that Kelsey is breaking down. "She's really not OK... she's just literally flipping out," she says. "I'm not going to cry my eyes over it over 10 bottles of wine." 

"I'm a tough b**ch," Tammy tells the camera, wishing Peter would see what's going on. "I think Peter should know." 

Getting Steamy

6:03 PM:

The night is still young, so Peter and Sydney take off their clothes (they have bathing suits on, don't worry) and make out by the water. 

Things are GETTING STEAAAAAMY. "She's a special girl, and I can definitely see a future with her," Peter says. "This is the most amazing night, the most beautiful girl, and it couldn't have gone any better." 

I Can Be Your Rock

6:02 PM:

Peter is amazed by Sydney's strength, and thinks together they can take on the world. 

"Sydney, you've shown me qualities of exactly what I'm looking for in my life," Peter says. "I can be your rock. I want to be your rock. So Sydney, will you accept this rose?" 

"Yes," she says, taking the rose from him. 

Sydney Gets Real

5:59 PM:

Over dinner, Sydney and Peter get serious. She tells him about what she went through as a child, and having only met her father five times throughout her life. 

Sydney says she was bullied as a kid and went through financial troubles -- but being mixed race in Alabama was perhaps the toughest. She says the last of middle school and high school were "the worst years of my life." Sydney remembers being the target of racism and eating lunch in the bathroom her whole senior year. "It makes me want to cry," she confesses. 

"I'm so sorry," Peter tells Sydney. "I'm so amazed by your strength." 

Sob Story

5:57 PM:

Back at the house, Kelsey looks like she's been crying. But there's no time for tears (or we guess, there is) because the next date card has arrived. 

Kelley gets the next one-on-one, and girl is trying to hide her smile as the other women sulk. "I don't know what we're doing, but I'm sure it'll be fun," she says. 

Kelley tells the camera that she doesn't have a sob story to tell Peter to impress him and GIRL WE RELATE. Wow, Kelley is so normal. 


5:51 PM:

Sydney talks about how blessed she is to come from such a diverse family. 

"My mother is white and my father is black and Dominican," she tells Peter -- who finds common ground as his mom is Cuban. 

Peter speaks a little Spanish (literally a tiiiiiiny little bit) and then tells Sydney she's the best kisser. Another title for her! 

She accidentally knocks his wound, but he says it's OK and they kiss more! 

"I'm flying high right now, that's for sure," Peter gushes to the camera. Another flying pun because we haven't heard enough this season!


5:49 PM:

Peter and Sydney reach their destination -- a picnic in the middle of the jungle. The Bachelor loves their remote date locations! 

Peter apologizes for putting Sydney through "some stuff." (You mean putting her on the spot about what she told you in confidence on almost all of the group dates????) 

Sydney, however, is loving it, and loving Peter -- who says she's the most mysterious person. Guess Natasha has been overthrown. 

Love Is In the Air

5:45 PM:

Peter and Sydney are loving their helicopter ride. "I think you can literally say love is in the air right now," Peter says and it is SO CHEESY. 

Sydney has a cheesy line, too, though. "Taking off in the helicopter felt like we were taking off in our relationship," she tells the camera. 

Back at the house, Kelsey is talking to Hannah Ann about her insecurities about Peter dating other women. "I'm definitely falling for Peter and it's really scary," she cries to the camera. "I have not connected with somebody like that in a long time, if ever." 

A Date for Sydney

5:41 PM:

Peter whisks off Sydney for the first date in Costa Rica, and Kelsey's breakdown has begun. 

"I loved my date in Cleveland, but that was last week and we're in a new week... I just don't want our night to get lost," she cries to the camera. "That's what scares me. I didn't expect it to be this hard." 

A Reenactment!!!!!

5:39 PM:

We can't handle how almost all of the women TOTALLY believe Peter's puma story. Come on, ladies. 

Peter finally sets the record straight -- AND WE GET A REENACTMENT. 

"When you hear what happened, it's ridiculous. It's bad, though. I was walking out of the [hotel] lobby the other day -- this is a true story," he says. "And there was a golf cart. And I ran into the golf cart. And I had a glass in my hand. As I hit my head, I then shattered the glass in my head. It just sounds ridiculous. I frickin' stabbed myself in the head. I have 26 stitches. Like, I will never forget this experience, ever. For the rest of my life, I will be reminded of it."

"It's a little embarrassing," Weber confesses to the camera. "I tried to have some fun with it... Puma the golf cart." 

What Happened

5:37 PM:

Peter pulls up to the place in a helicopter, and runs over with a bandage on his face. So, we don't get to see what happened during his injury? 

"What's on your head?" the ladies ask. 

"It's a rough start to Costa Rica," Peter says. "I was doing a little exploring, and I noticed this volcano, so I found a trail to take me up to it, to the top. And as I was walking, a puma crosses my path and immediately I just, like, lock eyes with it. And my animal instinct took over, and I just did what had to be done."

"What else am I going to do? If you think this is bad, you should see him right now," he jokes.

Where's Peter?

5:36 PM:

The women are staying in an insanely nice place, and feel like it's "exactly" where they need to be. Yeah, us too. 

Kelley says Costa Rica is cool, but she's exhausted from traveling, and production really did her dirty by airing that shot of her looking tired AF. 

Where's Peter?!

Not in Cleveland Anymore

5:35 PM:

Just like Peter promised, we're in Costa Rica! 

"It's absolutely stunning. There's lush jungles with waterfalls and a gorgeous volcano just poking out," Peter observes. He's down to 12 women, and ready to get serious, because now that they're out of Cleveland, he can really see himself falling in love. 

Costa Rica!

5:31 PM:

Peter tells the women that it's time to "take it international." "Ladies, get excited. We're going to Costa Rica!" he yells. 

Coming up -- physical chemistry, frizzy hair, waterfalls and Kelsey having a breakdown. So much to look forward to. 

The Name Game

5:29 PM:

The women who didn't get roses take a moment to say their goodbyes, and we're thankful because we've dwindled down to a number where we can ALMOST name everyone left in the game. 

Rose Time

5:22 PM:

The women are all lined up for the rose ceremony and they're SO HAPPY that Peter sent home Alayah. SO MUCH ALAYAH TALK. 

"This was all on me and I take complete ownership of that," Peter tells Chris Harrison. "I'm OK mistakes... I'm not perfect, and I still am very hopeful that my wife is standing out there." 

Rose time -- and Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Shiann, Victoria P., Mykenna, Kelley and Tammy get to stay.

Also, has anyone else noticed the intense bruises all these women have from the football game? No pain, no gain, ladies. 

Light It Up!

5:18 PM:

It's time for the rose ceremony, and Peter is smiling and so are the women, who feel much better with Alayah out of the vicinity. 

"If I don't get a rose tonight, I'm going to set the building on fire," Tammy deadpans. Light it up, girl!

I See U

5:17 PM:

Tammy expresses her frustrations, and Peter tells her -- and pretty much every other woman -- that he "sees" her. 

Victoria P. is back to embracing Peter after all that drama at the beginning of the cocktail party. (Remember when she wouldn't talk to him, then did, and wouldn't sit down, and then did?)

Peter is looking forward and the ladies are too. 

"I have such a renewed sense of confidence in this process," Peter gushes. 

Going to Hear Some Sh*t Tonight!

5:14 PM:

Peter pulls Natasha away for a talk as the women praise him for addressing his wishy-washy-ness. 

"I'm surprised you haven't left me yet," Peter tells Natasha. 

"Trust me, it's crossed lots of minds," she warns him. "Peter's going to hear some sh*t tonight!" 

Peter apologizes again to Natasha for putting her through a "toxic type of house." "That's not fair to anyone here," he says. 

Natasha says she never had a problem with Alayah, but doesn't want to continue to waste time on the drama. 

Hi, Ladies

5:11 PM:

Victoria P. is looking pissed, but now the rest of the ladies have changed their tone, just like we predicted. 

"I think that Peter sending her home, I hope that he's making the right decision this time," Natasha says. 

Peter rejoins the group. "Hi, ladies," he says. "I just sent Alayah home. I know I keep saying that I'm only human... I know how this could possibly come off as being wishy-washy and not knowing what I want, and I get it. But I do know what I want." 

Peter says he and Alayah weren't meant to be, but he values the rest of the women SO MUCH. He hears them and trusts them and will never betray them again, because it was just too much drama the last time. 

Flip Flopper

5:09 PM:

Peter doesn't know how to fix it with the women, and they still have doubts about him and whether he'll flip flop again. 

We have a feeling they'll be back to gushing over how great he is after commercial break. 

Good Luck

5:08 PM:

Peter -- who has officially given into peer pressure for the SECOND TIME -- walks Alayah out and the women act like they're shocked. 

He tells Alayah it was just too much, and he has to follow his heart. "Good luck," she tells him. 

"I was following my heart, but that was rough," Peter confesses. "I hope that the girls don't start to lose a little bit of trust in me.... I get... how it was a slap in the face." 

Time to Say Goodbye

5:06 PM:

Peter returns to the group and takes Alayah away for a chat. Sydney says she's not sure Peter's ready for her if he wants Alayah. 

Alayah looks SO SAD in her sit-down with Peter, who tells her he doesn't care what anyone else says (BUT HE TOTALLY DOES). 

"You showed me a vulnerable side to yourself... and that meant so much to me as well," he says. Alayah nods like she knows she's about to leave. 

"Just with everything that's happened... that this is a little too much, and this is..." Peter trails off. "I don't want to have to put you through this... So I think it's probably time to say goodbye." 

Alayah In It

5:04 PM:

We're in Cleveland -- but no one has said it yet. We're transported right back to the cocktail party where the women discuss how TERRIBLE it is that Peter brought Alayah back. Seriously, they're acting like she's the devil. Why is it such a big deal? Expect this kind of drama on The Bachelor, ladies!

"She made her bed and she has to Alayah in it," Natasha says and we are SO ENTERTAINED.

Back to Bach

5:03 PM:

Back to Bach -- we get a solid recap of all of last week's drama. If you forgot, it's all about Alayah. Peter brought her back, the women were pissed, and now he's got to answer to them. 

The Iowa Caucus

5:00 PM:

It's The Bachelor! Just kidding, it's a special election update on ABC News on the Iowa Caucus. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The show will also air on Wednesday this week, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 


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