'Bachelor' Peter Weber Agrees With Critics: His Cast Is the Cattiest Group of Women Ever (Exclusive)

Peter Weber sees what we've been seeing on his season of 'The Bachelor.'

Peter Weber sees what we've been seeing on his season of The Bachelor

It's been drama since night one, with seemingly no end in sight. With the exception of a selected few, almost every single woman on the cast has been involved in petty back-and-forths, name calling or talking behind someone's back. It's led to tears, champagne explosions and total breakdowns, and Weber can't help but call it like he sees it: his group of women is the cattiest cast we've ever seen on the ABC dating show. 

"I would probably agree at this point [that it's the cattiest cast ever]," he told ET's Lauren Zima on Wednesday. "There was so much that I didn't know was going on when I wasn't there." 

"Like that last confrontation with Tammy and Sydney -- that's honestly a little too much," Weber continued, referencing the pair's shouting match on Monday night's episode. "I didn't like to see that." 

There is no clear villain this season, as nearly everyone has jumped in the ring, and our closest thing to comedic relief has been the solid one liners Tammy or Natasha have dropped episode to episode. The drama factor has been taken to another level, with fans expressing their exhaustion on social media. Even Bachelor alum Demi Burnett has said she "would never want to be stuck in a house with these girls." 

"On my season people tried to say I was mean.... ??‍♀️ I was just annoyed by unnecessary confrontation and drunk. These girls are malicious af #TheBachelor," Burnett tweeted during Monday night's episode. 

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Watching the show back has been an eye-opener for Weber, who told ET he's "understanding a little bit more of why some of the women acted the way they did." 

"Right before I was handing out roses in Costa Rica and then Tammy came and Mykenna came to speak with me -- I truly had no idea why they were so eager and it was so necessary for them to talk with me. Watching that back now, I understand that confrontation with them and Kelsey," he shared. "That was insane and that was a little too much for me. That wasn't cool watching."

That particular confrontation with the women and Kelsey was sparked after she went to Weber before the cocktail party in an effort to defend herself against allegations that she was pill popping and drinking too much. She cried to him about the situation and received a rose. The cocktail party was subsequently canceled. 

Weber has been accused of encouraging some of the drama with his indecisiveness (i.e. sending Alayah home only to bring her back, and then send her home again), and rewarding some of the drama (i.e. giving roses to women who steal time with him, talk about other women behind their backs, or break down in front of him). 

"That was never my [intention]," Weber said. "I can understand being indecisive, because dating 30 women is not easy and that will never be easy and no one is prepared for that. So, I totally give myself grace for being indecisive in a moment that's so confusing and so tough." 

The half-Cuban Bachelor said he "absolutely" would have been more decisive or not given roses to certain people if he had known a little more about what was going on when he wasn't there. "I'm not gonna say I feel like [things were] hidden from me, but I will fully accept and own that there was a lot of moments where I was indecisive." 

One of the women who has managed to steer clear of the drama is Madison. She earned the season's very first one-on-one, and she's continued to build a connection with Weber. 

"I mean, I will say this -- there is obviously a lot of drama going on and a lot of cattiness, but I was someone that I always was looking towards the end goal," Weber said. "And I knew what I wanted. Just because the nature of this whole process, you have to keep so many people around... I never got too down and too discouraged because I knew that I was gonna be OK in the end." 

The Bachelor also seems to be getting more serious with Hannah Ann, who got her first one-on-one on Wednesday's episode. Weber grilled her about whether she was truly ready for marriage after finding out that she'd never been in love before, but she convinced him she was all in. 

"I definitely did have some concerns with Hannah Ann from the beginning and that's a very beautiful story here that I think is really going to start to take off between the two of us," Weber shared. "There really hasn't been too much of a connection, and it definitely begins here." 

With six women left, Weber has reached a new level with the remaining women in his cast -- and though he seems to have flip flopped through the beginning of the season, he told ET that at this point, he's pretty zeroed in on his "frontrunner." 

"I promise you, my frontrunner did not stop changing until about week four," he said. "How that's shown, the show does a really good job of entertaining, but I promise you my frontrunner did not change. I'll leave it at that."

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below.