'Bachelor' Peter Weber Plans to Confront Sydney at 'Women Tell All': Why He Sent Her Home (Exclusive)

The pilot says he saw a different side to Sydney while watching the show back.

Peter Weber has narrowed it down to his final six women on The Bachelor -- but Sydney Hightower isn't one of them. 

The 28-year-old pilot seemed to really connect with Sydney during their one-on-one date on Monday's episode of the ABC dating show, but sent her home at the rose ceremony airing on Wednesday night. 

"I think we definitely had a strong initial connection, obviously strong physical chemistry. She was a really sweet girl, but she just wasn't my wife," Peter explained to ET's Lauren Zima of why he ended things with Sydney, who he had called the "best kisser" on his season. 

Peter said he "wasn't looking to marry the best kisser," but also doesn't take back giving Sydney that title. "I know now it's kind of awkward to make that kind of statement and then watch that back, but I was being very honest with her," he said. 

The half-Cuban Bachelor doesn't think Sydney was being totally honest with him, however, and he hopes to bring that up at Women Tell All. It's not that Peter doesn't trust what she told him about the racism and bullying she experienced in her high school years (some of Sydney's former classmates have attempted to refute her claims by posting photos of her in pageants in their high school yearbook). The pilot told ET that he "believes her" on those claims -- but he's seen a different side of her while watching The Bachelor. 

"She never came off to me the way I'm seeing how she acted with some of the women when I wasn't there," Peter shared. "So I am a little bit curious about that and that she just kind of was hiding a personality I didn't necessarily know very well, to be completely honest."

The other woman sent home at the rose ceremony was Mykenna -- who had just survived a pre-cocktail party two-on-one with Tammy. 

"Mykenna, bless that girl. Her facial expressions are amazing. I'll never forget them," Peter said. "The tongue, the wine, dancing... she's such a fun girl and very sweet girl." 

"I know that she had very pure intentions and she was there for the right reasons, truly. And I obviously wish her the best, but again, she just wasn't my wife," he explained. 

While Mykenna's intentions may have been "pure," she didn't avoid this season's drama, with Kelsey, Tammy, Victoria P., Victoria F., Alayah, Sydney and more also stirring the pot in various ways. Some fans have called Peter's season one of the "cattiest" ever -- and Peter feels "a little bit" deceived by some of the women on the show. 

"I get that people can be dramatic and people can be catty sometimes, but I didn't know it was necessarily to that extent," Peter admitted. 

As for criticism that he's been indecisive and rewarding drama this season, Peter says he gets it. "I can understand being indecisive, because dating 30 women is not easy and that will never be easy and no one is prepared for that. So, I totally give myself grace for being indecisive in a moment that's so confusing and so tough and it's kind of rushed. You have deadlines, you have to let go of people, and that I'm OK with," he said. 

Peter "absolutely" would have been more decisive or not given roses to certain people had he known more -- but he doesn't think information was purposefully hidden from him. "I'm not gonna say I feel like it was hidden from me, but I will fully accept and own that, yeah, there were a lot of moments where I was indecisive. But again, I give myself all the grace in the world 'cause it's a tough situation to be in."

Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Kelley, Madison, Victoria F. and Natasha are the six remaining women vying for Peter's heart. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below. 


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