'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Reveals How Having Baby No. 2 Has Changed Him (Exclusive)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sean and wife Catherine welcomed their second child, son Isaiah, in May.

Bachelor Nation golden couple Sean and Catherine Lowe’s number of children doubled when they welcomed son Isaiah in May, but Lowe tells ET the two aren’t quite feeling the full weight of it all yet. “This baby just sleeps all day long,” he says. "It’s really nice for us! So far, so good!”

Catherine gave birth via a C-section last month, which Sean says “went great.” Now, she’s recovering, and they’re tag-teaming as parents. “It’s my job to take Samuel to the park, take him on walks,” he explains. "I just want to expend as much of his energy as possible to help take the load off Catherine’s shoulders. … She’s doing awesome. She was meant to be a mom. She never complains, even though she definitely gets less sleep than I do. I try to help her in any way I can. She’s such a trooper.”

Sean says he was actually “stunned” by Isaiah’s birth, because he was convinced their second child would be a girl (Catherine previously told ET she was predicting a boy!) “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I would’ve been happy either way. It’s cool. I never had a brother, so I’m excited about this new dynamic in our family, two boys so close in age.”

The 34-year-old old says being a parent for the second time has changed him in a big way. “I’ve probably become more emotional with this second one,” he says. “I was watching the news and saw this sad story, and it really gripped me in a way it didn’t before I had kids. I’m thinking about life insurance and ways I need to make sure my family is taken care of.”

To that end, ET spoke to Sean on Wednesday as he began a partnership with The Banfield Foundation to bring awareness to disaster preparedness. It’s a topic he became familiar with last year when he headed from his home in Dallas to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey relief (he spoke to ET about his experience exclusively at the time.) The trip stuck with him. “I think it’s in our blood as Texans,” he says. “You just want to lend a helping hand.”

Now, he’s part of a PSA by Banfield about an important personal aspect of preparedness: how to keep pets safe. Lowe is a “dog dad” to Ellie, his 11-year-old chocolate lab. “The Banfield Foundation realizes I love my dog, probably more than my actual kids,” he jokes. The foundation makes disaster preparedness kits filled with food and even pet toys to help in stressful situations.

Ellie loves their growing family, too. She’s “awesome” with the kids, Sean says. “She’s very tolerant. Samuel loves to run around and kind of chase her. He’ll pet her and try to kiss her, but as toddlers sometimes do, he’s probably a little rougher than he needs to be. But she’s so tolerant. She understands, and sits there and takes it.”

As for how Samuel is handling being a big brother, Sean says he’s doing great! "We didn’t know how he’d react, and I think the first time Samuel saw Isaiah in the hospital, we said, ‘OK give your brother a kiss,’ and he did and everybody said, ‘Aw, so sweet!’ and I think Samuel picked up on that [reaction]. So now he gives Isaiah like 100 kisses a day.”

“There’s something about having two kids where it really feels like a family,” Sean continues. “I don’t know what it is is, maybe it’s because I was one of two kids. A family of four feels different than family of three. We’ve definitely stopped ourselves a couple of times and said, ‘Isn’t this weird?’ Our friends and family signed us up for this cheesy reality show, and here we are, five years later. It’s so surreal. And personally I don’t really feel like I’m old enough to have two kids, or mature enough! It’s so, so surreal."

Since meeting on The Bachelor, Sean and Catherine had a televised wedding and have continued to make appearances on the shows, and watch as fans! But when it comes to the new season of The Bachelorette, they’re behind, thanks to this beautiful new baby. "The first two episodes are on DVR!” Sean promises.

For more information on The Banfield Foundation, visit BanfieldFoundation.org/disaster.