Becca Kufrin Reveals the 'Bachelorette' Moment She’s Most Afraid to See on TV (Exclusive)

The 28-year-old publicist also tells ET how she's reassuring her fiance as the season airs.

Becca Kufrin says she's an "open book" with her new fiance -- but there's one moment on The Bachelorette she's not looking forward to watching on TV. 

"Probably the two final breakups," she told ET's Lauren Zima during a sitdown interview in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "Because there were so many emotions involved."

The 28-year-old publicist previously told ET that she fell in love with two men on her season, and got engaged to one of them. During our interview on Wednesday, she said she's braced her final pick on everything that goes down during her season "so he has no surprises," and they've watched the first two episodes together. 

"Week by week, I don't think we'll always be able to watch it together, so we'll text. We'll talk on the phone," she explained. "I just want to be very upfront the entire time if he has any questions, any concerns, [or] if anything is bothering him or if he's excited about anything. Like, let it all out. Let's get through it together." 

"He knows everything that really went on, and it will be tough to watch back, I'm sure. I remember watching it back last season, and it's not the easiest," Kufrin noted. "It's still difficult, but he knows I'm an open book, so anything he needs, I'm willing to give him." 

There's one moment the brunette beauty is glad played out on TV: her first meeting with her fiance. "It's crazy!" she marveled. "It's so funny, because I remember those moments, and I remember the major things that happened that first night. But to rewatch everything and to rehear everything that we said to one another, it's fun and it's special that it was captured on camera."

After night one, Kufrin -- and her fans -- have picked Garrett, Colton, Blake and Clay as a few frontrunners, but the Bachelorette says it's her late father's opinion that she tried to envision. Steve Kufrin died of brain cancer in 2009, when Kufrin was just 19 years old. 

"I kept my dad in the back of my mind the entire journey. What would make him proud? Who, if I were to bring someone home, who would he want me to invest my time in and who would he want to invest his time in with a guy?" she continued. "I journaled about him all the time. I prayed to him when I was struggling. He was there."

"My mom and dad had the relationship that I want, and they were teammates. They were always equal 50/50. They kept all of their arguments away from me and my sister, so I really looked up to them and that's all I wanted," Kufrin shared, adding that during her premiere, her fly fishing moment with Garrett reminded her especially of her father.

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