'Bachelor Winter Games': Clare and Benoit Get Engaged! See the Finale's Best Moments

A winner and an after-show!

A winner and an after-show! 

The Bachelor Winter Games finale did not disappoint! Thursday's episode of the Bachelor spinoff had a dramatic breakup (Bibi and Jordan bit the dust), a fantasy suite (or two) and a jaw-dropping reunion show with a stunning engagement. 

That's right, despite Chris Harrison's doubts, the four-episode series was able to produce three lasting couples: Dean and Lesley, Lily and Courtney, and the show's winners, Ashley I. and Kevin -- and one heck of a proposal after two contestants reconnected after the show. 

Here are our favorite Olympic-sized moments from Winter Games' three-hour finale: 

GOLD: Benoit and Clare's Surprise Engagement

After Dean's tricky key-to-my-house proposal, Benoit got down on one knee for the real deal, proposing to Clare after she sent him home on the show. It seems absence only made the heart grow fonder for the pair, as Benoit reached out after saying goodbye. The two started dating, and just weeks later, decided to take the next step! 

"I always wanted a man who would't give up on me. You truly have changed my life," Clare sweetly said, before Benoit professed his love for her.  

"Clare, the first day I met you, I didn't believe in love at first sight, but at the time, I was shocked. You're the strongest woman I've ever met in my entire life. I know you have been through a lot, and there's going to be issues... but I want to be beside you, because we're be a lot stronger together," he said. "You never gave up on love, and this is the best thing bout you."

"I would never, ever give up on you. I feel like there is someone up there that is watching up right now, and he agrees with what I'm about to do," Benoit continued, before speaking a little French and getting down on one knee with a stunning 2.3 carat sparkler. "Clare, will you marry me?" 


SILVER: Luke and Stassi's Icy Breakup

The two seemed like they were actually serious on Winter Games, even telling each other on the finale that they planned to make every effort to make their relationship work despite the long distance between them. As viewers found out on World Tells All, however, Luke had no intention of making it last -- and didn't even ask for her cell phone number.

Stassi came in hard with the sass, asking Luke if she was unconscious during these conversations he said they had about going their separate ways. "You didn't even try... after the cameras shut off, you're like, 'It doesn't work.' How, after this, you have no contact? How, after this, can you cut someone off completely?" 

"I apologize," Luke said, before the show displayed his candid interactions with Stassi when he thought he was off camera. "Yeah... [I didn't want to be with you]." 

BRONZE: Ashley I. and Kevin Actually Winning the Show

We have to give a shout out to the couple who actually won Winter Games, right? Ashley and Kevin may not have had the strongest start this season (Kevin did start off with Bibi, after all), but they made their ending count, delivering a tolerable ice dancing performance and giving viewers a touching moment in the fantasy suite, where Ashley said that Kevin was "definitely worth the wait." 

While speaking with Chris Harrison on World Tells All, they revealed that they're still going strong -- and won't be talking any more about Ashley's virginity (or their sex life). You do you, guys!


Why you gotta be like that? Seriously? Of all the two-faced personalities we've seen on the show, Luke has to take the top slot, after coldly cutting Stassi loose after the show without an explanation. Not a good look, dude. 

That's it for Winter Games, but we've still got The Bachelor. The show returns on Sunday with The Women Tell All, before an all-new episode on Monday at 8 p.m ET/PT on ABC. 


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