'Bachelorette': Tayshia Sees a 'Red Flag' When a Man Gets 'Overly Aggressive'

Tayshia Adams
ABC/The Bachelorette

Things got heated on Tuesday night's episode.

Things are heating up on The Bachelorette -- and Tayshia Adams is seeing red flags. The 30-year-old raised concerns on Tuesday night's episode of the ABC dating show, as an argument between contestants Ed and Chasen got "aggressive." 

It all started on the group date, which Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon led in an attempt to identify the "grown a** man" of the group. Ed expressed his issues with Chasen at the cocktail party that night -- and then told Tayshia about them. He accused Chasen of not being here for the right reasons, claiming he was referring to Tayshia with the same kinds of words he used to describe Clare. 

Tayshia pulled Chasen aside to get to the bottom of it. He said it was ridiculous, and then ran over to confront Ed about talking to Tayshia. 

"Bottom line, this sh*t needs to stop, dude. You're pissing me off and you're interfering in my relationship," he said, standing over Ed. "I'm not taking any more, dude." 

"Take your medium shirt and sit down," Ed yelled up at him. 

"My medium shirt? It's actually a large," Chasen replied, heated. "I'm standing up for myself. And yes, there was a previous Bachelorette. I have pivoted and I'm starting to grow feelings for this girl. And you are getting in the way of that, and I do not appreciate that as a man, as a grown a** man right now." 

"You're the one that's like a rocking chair going back and forth," Ed said, continuing to bicker. 

The fighting didn't stop there. Again, Ed and Chasen argued at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, with Ed again talking to Tayshia about it.

"This whole Ed and Chasen thing escalating is extremely disappointing, especially after I had a conversation with both of them last night," she told the camera. "Like, I get guys picking on each other, OK. But if you're going to start to get physical to the point where you're in someone's face and almost punch them, it's a red flag that I don't really want anything to do with."

"I was starting to develop feelings for Chasen, but if that's the way he handles situation, I don't want any part in that," she added. 

Tayshia then pulled Chasen aside. "Basically, I was told by Ed after our conversation yesterday, you basically got in his face. It was relatively aggressive," she said. 

Chasen admitted it was true. "It's not a good look, Chasen!" Tayshia declared.

"He has been pointing fingers and portraying me like... I lost it," Chasen tried to defend himself. 

"Why haven't you just sat him down and talked to him like a man? 'Let me move on with my relationship.' ... especially if those allegations are false?" Tayshia pointedly asked. "This stuff is so petty to me. It's rolling to something much bigger, to the point where it's now, in a sense, getting physical. ... It's a little concerning."

Chasen sensed the seriousness of Tayshia's concerns, and tried to put a stop to all this drama.

"I honestly have no idea why Ed continues to come after me. I just want to focus on one thing... Tayshia. She's uneasy, she's nervous. I don't like that and all I can do is be accountable for what I did, own it," he told the camera, before pulling Ed aside to clear the air. 

"I did get overly aggressive last night," he told him, trying to apologize, but Ed didn't back down. The drama continues!

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below.