Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Debuts Dreamy New Solo Single ‘Night Visions’ (Exclusive)

Rene Elizondo

The singer dished on his new single to ET, explaining how it's about the "the good and the bad" sides of love.

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean is sharing the online debut of his dreamy new single, “Night Visions,” exclusively with ET and let’s just say the track is giving us night visions of the boy band hunk!

The 40-year-old musician sings about love and heartache in the swoon-worthy song, below, which marks the follow-up to McLean’s first single, “Back Porch Bottle Service,” from his upcoming country-influenced solo record.

Produced by Brett Tyler and Brandon Mashburn and composed by Tyler, Brent Anderson and Tyler Rich, the longingly passionate track once again showcases the boy bander’s rich raspy vocals as he croons about yearning to have an ex back in his bed, “slipping you out of your dress, tracing your fingertips up and down my tattoos like you used to do.”

“The premise of ‘Night Visions’ is all about love -- the good and the bad,” McLean tells ET. “The feelings that stay even after you’ve broken up and the devastating sadness of knowing that person is still there with you in your mind and heart.”

“It’s the inevitable flashes of the good and bad times that come, along with that sadness and knowing that no matter what, you’d do anything for the person you love,” he continues.

Rene Elizondo

The song is already proving a fan favorite among the “Backstreet Army,” who have been treated to a handful of live performances of the track, first at McLean’s sold-out Back Yard Party event in Nashville, Tennessee, in June, and more recently at an intimate radio show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

“I love that it’s become a favorite at the live shows,” McLean says. “It’s one of my personal favorites too. I think most people can relate to the feelings of absolute love, devotion and sadness that run through the song.”

McLean caught the country bug after the Backstreet Boys collaborated with Florida Georgia Line on the hit, “God, Your Mama and Me," then joined the duo on stops of their Smooth Tour.

Spending time exploring the country scene in Nashville, he continued developing a country-inspired solo project and spoke to ET about the transition while attending the Academy of Country Music Awards in April.

“Doing that song with [Florida Georgia Line] and then doing Crossroads and The Smooth Tour [and] being submerged in the whole Nashville scene [was] just so inspiring to me,” he said. “Out of all genres, country is probably now one of my favorites. It's all about telling a story [and] every song is so relatable to anyone, but my goal is a little different.”

“I want to come in and I want to disrupt country,” he explained. “I want to shake things up just like Florida Georgia Line did [by] bringing that pop/urban aspect to it. Soulful, kind of [like] that Chris Stapleton/Sam Hunt vibe, but with my voice. So, you guys are definitely in for a surprise.”

The upcoming record isn’t the only thing keeping McLean super-busy. In between appearing at a Comic-Con event in Germany, competing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, helping launch a line of products aiming to help combat the opioid addiction crisis and spending quality daddy-daughter time with his adorable girls, Ava and Lyric, the Dead 7 star is also preparing for the release of the Backstreet Boys’ new record in coming months.

Having released the catchy first song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” in May, the group have resumed their surprise-filled Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater in Las Vegas and are gearing up for a second single and exciting announcement as they prepare for an action-packed 2019.

“I have been super busy trying to finish off my solo record, and this past week -- I think, hopefully -- we finished the Backstreet Boys record!” he recently told ET. “So, we can have it come out, then tour around the world next year.”

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