Bad Bunny and Aventura Drop New Single 'Volví' With Stylish Music Video

Bad Bunny and Aventura in 'Volvi'

The artists announced their surprise collaboration

Is this the surprise collaboration of the year? Bad Bunny and Aventura dropped new music Tuesday night!

The catchy, upbeat, romantic tune, "Volvi," came with a stylish music video featuring Bad Bunny and Aventura dressed to the nines in a marble and gold-covered ballroom, dancing and performing with a group of impeccably dressed revelers.

Meanwhile, a steamy love story plays out in an intimate dance number that sets the tone for the undercurrent of romantic tension.

Ex lovers, forbidden passion, white tuxedos, little black dresses, catchy lyrics, a solid hook and Bad Bunny rocking blue shades? There's really a lot for fans to love with the new, unexpected collaboration.

The team up between the Puerto Rican mega star and the legendary bachata group was first teased Tuesday morning, when Bad Bunny shared a tease to Instagram.

The slideshow post include a photo of both of their logos, as well as a pair of photos showing Bad Bunny performing alongside Aventura in stills from their music video.

"Hoy a las 12 de la media noche se bebeee," Bad Bunny captioned the post.

The new music comes less than a month after Bad Bunny opened up to Billboard about his other collaboration -- with Tommy Torres for their joint album, El Playlist de Anoche -- and he reflected on how he's more concerned with the music he's making than how much money he's getting from it.

"Well, I made this album and haven’t even asked how much I’m getting," he said. "That’s how I work. I’m not on top of numbers or how much money I’m getting. I made this album because I wanted to do it and because it fulfilled me."

For more Bad Bunny news, watch the video below.