Bad Bunny on Why He's 'Not on Top of' How Much Money He Makes

In a new interview with 'Billboard' about his new album, Bad Bunny discussed the way he approaches his finances.

Bad Bunny isn't spending his free time counting his cash. In a new interview with Billboard, the Puerto Rican rapper said he's more concerned with the music he's making than how much money he's getting from it.

"Well, I made this album and haven’t even asked how much I’m getting," he revealed. "That’s how I work. I’m not on top of numbers or how much money I’m getting. I made this album because I wanted to do it and because it fulfilled me."

Bad Bunny is teaming up with Tommy Torres for their joint album, El Playlist de Anoche. The project has Torres’ signature "alt rock-tinged, sentimental pop" but phrasing best described as "How would Bad Bunny say this?," and it's a bit of a departure from Bad Bunny's darker, El Último Tour del Mundo.

In November, the musician told ET's Denny Directo that the 2020 album is part of him.

"This album is more feeling. It's more sadness and heartbroken," he explained, contrasting it with YHLQMDLG, which was released in February, and Las que no iban a salir, which dropped in May. 

"It's dark," Bad Bunny said of El Último Tour del Mundo. "But with feeling. I love it. It's like, a part of me."

He shared that music has served as his outlet amid the coronavirus pandemic. "100 percent [this album helped my mental health]. This is like, a relief for me because I was quarantined ... the only thing that I had was the music, and so eso me mantuvo vivo como digo yo," he shared at the time.

Along with music, Bad Bunny has also turned to J Balvin for support, crediting his Oasis collaborator for helping him "a lot in some things about mental health," and is appreciative of his fans for their constant support. 

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