Bad Bunny on How His 'Dark' New Album Helped His Mental Health During Quarantine (Exclusive)

'El Último Tour del Mundo' is out now!

Bad Bunny is here with a new album -- and it seems this new record was just as much for him as it was for his fans. El Último Tour del Mundo explores a darker place than the reggaetonero's last albums, but as he tells ET's Denny Directo, it's "part of me." 

"This album is more feeling. It's more sadness and heartbroken," he explains, contrasting it with YHLQMDLG, which was released in February, and Las que no iban a salir, which dropped in May. 

"It's dark," Bad Bunny says of El Último Tour del Mundo. "But with feeling. I love it. It's like, a part of me." 

The record represents a different side of Bad Bunny, but also a different view of the world. Its name symbolizes just how much everything has changed amid the coronavirus pandemic

"It's not the last world tour. It's the last tour of the world... from any artist," he says. "After this tour, the world ends." 

"Looking at the world, everyone looks like The Walking Dead," the GRAMMY-nominated artist shares, revealing that music has served as his outlet amid quarantine. "100% [this album helped my mental health]. This is like, a relief for me because I was quarantined ... the only thing that I had was the music, and so eso me mantuvo vivo como digo yo.

Along with music, Bad Bunny has also turned to J Balvin for support, crediting his Oasis collaborator for helping him "a lot in some things about mental health." He also considers his girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, a "perfect quarantine partner," and is appreciative of his fans for their constant support. 

The Puerto Rican rapper is currently recovering from COVID-19 after testing positive for the virus last week -- which he says has taught him about what's important. 

"The new thing that I learned [was] to be more cariñoso... lovable with my people. Sometimes you have people and you don't say that you love them. So that is [one] thing that I learned," he expresses, adding that he's also thankful for his health. "I'm healthy. You know, I have COVID right now, but I am still healthy. I feel good."

The 26-year-old has a lot on his plate, including a starring role in Narcos: Mexico and the upcoming film American Sole, but he couldn't be more excited to reconnect with his fans post-pandemic. 

"For 2021, I think that right now my biggest dream is to make a concert with a lot of people. That's the only thing I want. I know that it's hard, but that's my only goal right now, really," he shares.

"I love all my fans," he says. "Thank you for supporting me, for believing in my music, and here we go again -- another album." 

For more on Bad Bunny's album watch the video above. El Último Tour del Mundo is out now.