Bad Bunny Honored to Represent Reggaeton at Latin GRAMMY Awards (Exclusive)

The singer also touched on the reggaeton controversy while winning the Best Urban Album award at the 2019 Latin GRAMMY Awards.

Bad Bunny is honored to represent his genre.

"I am thankful to be nominated. It's an honor for me to represent urban music, reggaeton, trap and hip-hop," Bad Bunny told ET's Denny Directo on the red carpet at the 2019 Latin GRAMMY Awards. "If you've listened to my album, you know that there is everything. It's an album that I did with a lot of love. I tried to give the world a bit of creativity, lyrics. And for me, I will always represent music from Puerto Rico, reggaeton, Latin music."

As for working with Ricky Martin and Residente on their song "Cántalo," Bad Bunny said it's been a pleasure. The trio will be performing the song live for the first time during the telecast.

"It's something that I will always remember and something that I want to enjoy," he said of their performance.

Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Early in the telecast, Bad Bunny took home the Latin GRAMMY for Best Urban Album, where he touched on the reggaeton controversy and lack of representation at this year's ceremony. 

"To all the musicians, to the Academy, with all due respect, reggaeton is part of our Latin culture," he noted. "And its representing as much as any other genre at the worldwide level. I tell my fellow reggaetoneros, keep giving it your all and bring more creativity. Our genre has become views, numbers and let's keep going and giving people new things."

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