Lauren Jauregui Gives Update on Album & Shares Who She'd Like to Collab With (Exclusive)

The singer can't wait to share her work with her fans.

Lauren Jauregui is ready to share her new music with the world.

ET's Denny Directo caught up with the 23-year-old at the 2019 Latin GRAMMY Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday, where she gave an update on her forthcoming album, which might include a little bit of a Latin flavor.

"The record is coming along incredibly," she shared. "I've super, super, just kinda been diving into this creative process and really finding out who I am and really working through that. And of course, part of my identity is being Latina from Miami and I grew up speaking Spanglish in my home and Spanish in my home. So naturally the songwriting process, se involucró."

When asked if she was nervous or anxious about sharing her work, she admitted she was, but can't wait to have her fans listen to the tunes.

"Of course I'm anxious to share some of my stuff because I'm just so excited about what I'm making and so ready to share it with the world," she noted. "But at the same time, I enjoy the process. I'm enjoy taking my time and it's so representative of me and that each word and each melody and each sound is exactly what it needs to be."

Meanwhile, Jauregui also shared that she'd love to collab with Bad Bunny. "Let him know, I think our voices would sound crazy together."

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