Bad Bunny on What It's Like to Attend First-Ever Movie Premiere, Talks 'Bullet Train' Fight Scenes (Exclusive)

Bad Bunny walked his first movie-premiere carpet.

Bad Bunny -- or Benito A Martínez Ocasio when he's on the big screen -- is feeling grateful for his feature film debut in Bullet Train.

On Monday, the "Tití Me Preguntó" rapper walked his first film red carpet. “I’m very grateful,” the 28-year-old Latin music superstar told ET’s Nischelle Turner during the premiere in Los Angeles. Although he has had roles in Narcos and F9, Bullet Train is the first time he gets to shine in a larger role. 

“I’m happy. I never imagined before to be here on a red carpet of a Hollywood movie with a whole elenco de actores Brad Pitt,” he added. “I’m very excited. Enjoy this moment.” 

Bad Bunny certainly brings the action in the film as Wolf, and when it came time for him to bring the pain, the rapper said he was prepared.  

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

“People know that I like the fight,” the avid WWE fan said. “So, this is my thing, you know, the action.”  

On top of his breakout film debut, Bad Bunny has spent the last seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts with his album, Un Verano Sin Ti, and is riding high on the success of the moment.  

“It's, uh, de verdad que lo mejor e' lo mejor,” the Puerto Rican superstar said. “Ah, it's incredible the love of the fans, the support that they give me. All the Latino community and also the United States people.” 

He continued, “I’m very grateful that the world can connect with my music. Even when I am singing in my language, Spanish, a lot of people don’t speak Spanish but love my music. So, I’m very grateful for that.” 

On top of the support from his fans, Bad Bunny has the support of his Bullet Train castmates.  

Andrea Muñoz -- who plays Mrs. Wolf, his wife, in the film -- shared that it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he was going to be her scene partner.  

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“I didn't know [until] a week before we started shooting that he was going to be my scene partner and it was amazing. To know that you're gonna share a scene with such a legend,” she said. 

“I don't know how to call him, you know what I mean, right? and to be part of this, to be the Latin representation in this movie. it’s amazing. it's an honor, he's a great guy,” she added. 

“It was amazing, I'm a big fan, I mean, I was born and raised in Colombia, I love Reggaeton. I dance Reggaeton all night long. To take a shower, to cook, to do everything," Muñoz shared. "So, to know that I was going to work with him was just like, ‘What?' I had to sit for a second and then to get to know him and see that he was such a cool guy. It was refreshing. It was refreshing to know that he's cool. So, it was very easy for me to play that. I was crazy in love with him."

Bullet Train hits theaters August 5.