Bam Margera Agrees to Rehab After Dr. Phil Sit-Down as Mom Speaks Out on Son's Cry for Help (Exclusive)

Margera's mom spoke with ET on Monday after the former 'Jackass' star sought help from Dr. Phil.

After his highly public and very emotional plea, Bam Margera will soon be getting help.

A source tells ET that late Monday afternoon, after meeting with Dr. Phil in a private sit-down, Margera agreed to admit himself into a live-in rehab facility for a program requiring an extended stay that could last between 60 and 90 days.

Margera's decision comes shortly after another source revealed that Margera and Dr. Phil spoke at length on Monday, in a session that was filmed in the studio's green room for the Dr. Phil show, but did not take place in front of a studio audience.

The conversation came as a result of Margera taking to Instagram in the very early hours of Sunday morning, to share a series of videos begging for Dr. Phil's help with various personal and emotional struggles.

The former Jackass star said in the video that he "is in shambles" and that the drama has been "worse than it's ever been, ever."

He went on to say that he'd "disowned" his mother, April, after feeling that she isn't concerned for his well being and claiming that they constantly fought. He also slammed his wife, Nicole Boyd, and claimed that, if he chose to split from her, he believes she'd use their 18-month-old son, Phoenix, "as bait" in a custody hearing.

On Monday, ET exclusively spoke with Margera's mother, April, by phone from her home in Pennsylvania, who stated that she and her family just want the best for her son.

"The only thing that we really want is for Bam to be happy and to find peace in his life and in turn we’d like to find peace in ours," she told ET. "We just have to take one step at a time and hope that everything is going to work out okay."

"For him, he’s just gone off the rails and I don’t think he can handle what’s going on. So if he reached out to Dr. Phil cause he’s seen Dr. Phil’s show, I mean so be it," she continued. "Do we want to really air all this stuff? No, not really, but you know, if that’s what he wants to do and that’ll help him get some help, then I think we’ve come up with a good plan. Between the Jackass guys and Dr. Phil, it’s a whole community of people."

While April didn't elaborate on what her son's plans with the daytime talk show host will be, she said, "I trust that it’ll work"

"[Dr. Phil] seems very genuine and we’re very thankful for the opportunity and hope that what they put into place ya know he will listen to and follow it,” she added.

In regards to Margera's parenting, and relationship with his wife, the star's mother stressed that her 39-year-old son "absolutely adores" his little boy, but that his emotional and personal struggles have made it difficult for him as a dad, explaining, "Anytime that you’re struggling you’re not going to be the best parent you can be."

April also defended her daughter-in-law against her son's negative portrayal of her in his Instagram posts, explaining that Boyd "is a wonderful, wonderful mother and she just does it all."

Margera later confirmed that he would be seeking treatment to some degree in an message posted to Instagram Monday evening. "Off to dallas to get my brain evaluated! Thanks dr phil," Margera wrote. "My phone will be off for a while. Laterx."

For more on the ongoing personal drama facing Margera, watch the video below.

- Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.



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