Barack Obama and Joe Biden Visit a Bakery Together Proving the Bromance Is Alive and Well

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Former President Barack Obama
Samir Hussein/WireImage

Barack Obama and his former Vice President (and BFF 4ever) Joe Biden are keeping their iconic bromance thriving.

The 44th president of the United States and his compatriot were spotted grabbing lunch together at Dog Tag Bakery in Washington, D.C., on Monday, and the reunion (which coincidentally took place on International Friendship Day) warmed the hearts of fans across the country.

In a video posted to Twitter, Biden and Obama (or "Jobama," as some fans of their platonic bromance have occasionally referred to them) can be heard mulling over their options at the bakery, with Biden finally decided on a ham and cheese sandwich.

"Yeah, that looked pretty good," Obama says, nodded in hungry agreement. "I think I gotta have one of those too."

"Get the boss one of those too," Biden tells an employee behind the counter, before Obama added on a fennel salad to the order.

Dog Tag Bakery, which provides civilian work experience to disabled veterans and military caregivers, took to Twitter to thank the former POTUS and VPOTUS for their support of the bakery.

"Look who stopped by @DogTagBakery for lunch today!" the Georgetown eatery captioned a photo of the pair ordering their meals. "Thank you @BarackObama and @JoeBiden for supporting our mission."

The pair, who worked side-by-side for both of Obama's terms of office in the White House, have long been the subject of memes that painted them as ride or die besties. And the pair had no shortage of emotional moments together -- including the tearful moment when Obama surprised his VP with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in January 2017.

However, following their departure from the White House and the start of President Donald Trump's scandal-plagued administration, Obama has kept a relatively low profile and rarely addressed the litany of controversies that have cropped up in the years since he left office.

Biden, however, has been contemplating a run for the White House in 2020, but has not confirmed his decision one way or the other.

It's unknown what, exactly, the pair talked about during their friendly lunch, but the internet had no shortage of speculation (and right vs. left screaming matches).

One thing is for sure: Obama's staying fit in his free time. The former commander-in-chief even struck a yoga pose after chatting with another bakery patron who told Obama that she wanted to become a yoga instructor, The Washingtonian reported.

Since leaving the White House, it seems as though Obama has been making up for lost time when it comes to cutting loose and having fun, from kitesurfing with Richard Branson to traveling through idyllic locales on a yacht with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Check out the video below for a look at some vacay highlights from his post-presidency life.


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