Barbra Streisand Reveals What She Really Thinks of Lady Gaga's 'A Star Is Born' Remake

barbra streisand golden globes 2018
Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Gaga stars opposite Bradley Cooper in the same roles Streisand and Kris Kristofferson played in 1976.

Barbra Streisand is a big fan of Lady Gaga’s remake of A Star Is Born.

The 75-year-old legend was asked her opinion on the project while being honored for her icon status at PaleyFest at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday -- and so far, she's seems to be giving it two thumbs up.

“Oh, I can't say too much. I haven't seen too much, but it's good,” Streisand teased of the film, which stars Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the same roles she and Kris Kristofferson played in the 1976 original. “It's very, very good."

While she couldn’t have been more complimentary of Gaga’s upcoming project, Streisand had a little trouble remembering a few notable accomplishments of her own. “I don’t remember my first GRAMMY,” she revealed with a laugh. “I usually remember things by the food or what I was wearing, and Quincy [Jones] sent me a picture of our first GRAMMYs.”

“I don’t know where it was. I get things mixed up like that,” Streisand said, often asking moderator Ryan Murphy if he was sure as he listed other career milestones throughout the event.

Streisand had no trouble, however, judging TV shows -- including Murphy’s newest American Crime Story series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

"I binge-watched your show last night, Gianni Versace, but it's very scary to me. I have to go fast,” she adorably revealed. “I like the parts with Penelope Cruz and Edgar Ramirez [who play Donatella and Gianni Versace, respectively], but I don't like [Andrew Cunanan, whom Darren Criss plays]. He's so good that it's so awful.”

“Oh, this poor individual. Is any of this true stuff about him?” she asked Murphy, who replied with a resounding “Yes!” as the audience chuckled.

"That poor older guy he was with!” she remarked.

“Barbra, why did you watch that?” asked Murphy. “That’s not for you!”

It was then that Streisand remembered a TV show she enjoys watching more frequently.

"Life in Pieces, my husband's show!” she raved of James Brolin’s CBS comedy, before sharing her tastes in entertainment. “I love documentaries. We watch Animal Planet, and How the Universe Works. Those kind of documentaries. I'm a little disappointed in Homeland this season. It's like, I don't know what happened to it."

As for her own ambitions, Streisand revealed one character she's always wanted to play: "Actually, I did want to do Mama Rose in Gypsy."

"You know I've got a really good Netflix deal, Barbra," replied Murphy, who reportedly cast Streisand for his new Netflix series, The Politician.

See more on Streisand in the video below.