Bebe Rexha Blasts Alleged Married Football Player for Texting Her

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Bebe Rexha isn't here to be someone's side chick. 

The "Meant to Be" singer took to her Instagram Story on Friday to call out who she said was a married football player who had allegedly been texting her. Rexha didn't name the supposed man.

“Do you ever have that one guy that always comes in and out of your life,” the singer asked her fans, adding: “And they are cheaters and waste your time.”

Rexha then shared a screenshot of a text exchange supposedly between her and the man, who called Rexha his "friend," and asked when he would see her in person. The singer replied, but just listed her upcoming performances. 


“You’re married and have three kids. Be a good role model and play your sports and leave me the f**k alone," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "Don’t be texting me ‘hey friend’ especially if you’re a married man. Sorry. That sh*t don’t fly with me.”

“Go back to playing football. If only you guys knew,” Rexha continued, before taking a poll with her fans on whether it was OK for a married man to text a single woman, "Hey friend." "I feel bad for writing that, but it's how I feel," she said. 


ET sat down with Rexha in Los Angeles in July, where she explained that it was Nicki Minaj who taught her a lot about standing up for herself and knowing her worth. 

"She's very strong," she said of the 36-year-old rapper. "One thing that me and Nicki talked about, especially after the 'No Broken Hearts' video... she said that when a guy knows what he wants, he's a boss. When a female says what she wants, she's a b*tch."

"There's truth to that, and I felt that a lot of times in the music business... They're used to girls being like... 'Hi, guys! What are we going to do today?' And I'm not that girl," Rexha continued. "So I spoke to Nicki about that, and she was like, 'You gotta just move in that spirit, and if you're doing the right thing and you're doing it for what you love, then people will slowly start understanding.' And I feel like that's what happened, so that's really cool."

"And I'm from New York! If somebody says like, something that bothers me...  I'll come at them," the 29-year-old singer added. "But the only thing is when you come with hate, you're only going to get more hate." 

Find out what Rexha told ET she's looking for in a man in the video below. 


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