Bebe Rexha Jokes She's Touring With the Jonas Brothers to Get Close to Sophie Turner (Exclusive)

Bebe Rexha

The 29-year-old singer is opening up for the boy band on their tour.

Bebe Rexha has a hilarious ulterior motive to being on Jonas Brothers' tour.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke to the 29-year-old singer at the first stop of Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins Tour presented by the American Airlines Mastercard in Miami on Wednesday and, while she called the tour itself "an incredible opportunity," it's Nick, Joe and Kevin's wives that she's most excited to get to know.

"It's a massive tour. When they first put the first tickets out and then it just like exploded and then they had to add more tickets. I mean, working with them is fun. They're like my brothers. They're really cool," she said, before gushing over Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. "I haven't met all the wives yet. I'm actually wanting to be friends with the wives. Not gonna lie."

"I haven't met them yet. I have to wait. You know what I mean? You have to go in slowly," she added. "I just want to be best friends with them."

As for the wife Bebe is most excited to get to know, she couldn't help but single out Sophie. "I just got on to Game of Thrones, so I love Sophie," she gushed. 

In between befriending the J-Sisters, Bebe is pinching herself for being asked on the tour, telling ET, "You don't understand how excited I am."

"It's really nostalgic for me. I grew up watching them on Disney Channel and it's amazing working with them," she said. "I've done tons of tours before, but this one is really different because it's fun. The environment just feels like a family environment. I can walk around with my dog. They've got their dogs here. Like, it's cute."

"I just had a meet and greet, my first meet and greet of the tour, today and one of the girls came up to me and started crying and she was probably 15, and she's like, 'Thank you. You helped me love my body,' and I just wanted to cry," Bebe added of one of her best tour moments so far. "... It's kind of amazing how you can use social media to that platform. That's why I gotta be careful on what I say and do now."

When it comes to Nick, Joe and Kevin's massively successful comeback album, Happiness Begins, and their highly anticipated tour, Bebe didn't hold back with her praise for the brothers.

"What they've done is so hard, like, that rarely happens," Bebe said. "I think the fact they were able to have their big moment and [then] take their own ways... and now they're able to come back bigger than ever, that's not normal. Like, it's kinda incredible how they've done it. I think they were all patient and that's what, I think, is key to music and being in the music business."

While on tour, Bebe will also be celebrating a major milestone -- her 30th birthday. Bebe told ET that, when she enters a new decade on Aug. 30, she'll be dropping a new track called "Not 20 Anymore" in honor of the big day.

"Through my industry, especially with other women in other industries, I feel like a lot of times people are very ageist toward them. We feel the pressure of, like, we have to get a certain place in our lives because our eggs are going to dry up and we have to have kids and get married and get to a certain age," she explained. "Everybody laughs, but it's true. Especially me, being in the music business, I've had executives tell me, like, 'Oh you're 25, you're getting old,' and now I'm 29, I'm about to be 30."

"The song is about being 30 and being a better lover, getting finer like wine, and loving my 30s," she added. "... When I was younger, everybody would be like, 'Oh, I want to be forever 21. Here's a song about being 20. I want to feel like I'm 17 again.' And I'm like, 'No. I want to write a song about being 30 and above.'"