Becca Kufrin Says She'd Ask Men Who They Voted For on Night One If She Were 'Bachelorette' Again

Becca Kufrin
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The 30-year-old has learned lessons from her breakup with Garrett Yrigoyen.

Becca Kufrin's relationship with Garrett Yrigoyen may not have worked out, but she's learned what's important to her in a partnership. The former Bachelorette revealed in a new interview with Insider that if she were to lead the ABC dating show again, she'd have more conversations about politics -- starting on night one. 

"If I was the Bachelorette again, the second I walked into the house after meeting everyone I would say, 'Who did you vote for and why? Let's talk about it,'" Kufrin shared. 

"There's no way in hell they'd show that conversation," she added. "But for me, especially living through this past year, it would be so important to me." 

Kufrin revealed in September that she and Yrigoyen had split. The news came two years after his proposal on her season of The Bachelorette, and less than three months after the pair's public disagreement over his pro-police Instagram post in June. 

The former publicist, who was vocal about her support of Black Lives Matter, called Yrigoyen's Instagram "tone-deaf" on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. A week later, she said their relationship was up in the air. 

Recalling her split to Insider, Kufrin said she and Yrigoyen had "different types of conversations that we weren't necessarily having before." 

"I was like...what's important to me? What's important to him?" she remembered. "Are we going to be able to make a lasting relationship for a lifetime off of our differences?"

The 30-year-old added that considerations of how she would raise her future children also came into play. 

"What kinds of conversations do we want to be having with those children?" she said. "Can I still stay in this relationship and live with myself and feel that it's the right decision for me and my future children?"

Kufrin and Yrigoyen seemed to hold differing views on many things. The pair's relationship was under scrutiny from the start, as Yrigoyen ignited controversy when fans discovered while her season was airing that he had liked racist and sexist posts on social media. Yrigoyen apologized, explaining his behavior as "mindless" double taps, and while Kufrin didn't condone his behavior, she stuck by him. 

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