Becky G Praises Karol G and Natti Natasha During Miami Outing: 'I Respect These Girls So Much'

The singers all shared photos of each other during their night out.

It was a girls' night out for Becky G, Karol G and Natti Natasha.

The Latina superstars reunited at Becky's Miami show at LIV on Friday, and had the best time ever. After sharing videos and photos of each other dancing and enjoying the show, Becky, 22, took to Instagram Story to share an inspirational message about female empowerment, supporting one another and girl power.

"If you know me, like truly know me, you know that this makes my heart happy. Be the change you want to see," Becky wrote alongside a black-and-white pic of the three singers. "For so many years the industry thought they were 'celebrating' women by giving us ONE seat at the table…Times are changing because now we are out here building OUR OWN TABLE with however many f**king seats we want because we know we're all worthy of it."

"You can't fake or knock down ones hustle, simply respect it. I respect these girls so much," she continued. "I can't emphasize enough how beautiful it is to share moments, opportunities, success. It all tastes so much sweeter. Others winning doesn’t mean you're losing when you're all running a different race."

Karol, 29, reposted Becky's message, adding, "Love u sis. Beautiful words. Yesterday we had the most amazing moments together and you killed that stage as always."

Instagram Story

Each lady also posted a different group pic on their Instagram, praising one another.

The singers also celebrated Bad Bunny's new album, YHLQMDLG's, release during their night out. Karol's fiance and reggaetonero Anuel AA was also in attendance.

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ET recently caught up with Becky at Premio Lo Nuestro 2020, where she also touched on powerhouse Latinas Jennifer Lopez and Shakira sharing the Super Bowl halftime stage.

"I'm still recovering from how many times I died!" she said with a laugh. "Every moment was so captivating. And just seeing, you know, what long careers they've had, and how they manage to just be so fierce and bring so much heat and flavor to that stage. I loved it."

Becky said she was excited to see them celebrated -- especially in the wake of some fans trying to pit them against each other following the performance announcement.

"We're all different, and we all have different stories of how we got to where we are. We all have different styles. We're all running different races," she said. "As an artist myself, I grew up watching and listening to them both, and I love both of them just as much as the other. Obviously, I think it's something that social media and the culture of social media and the media in general, it's their job... but it's not fair [to compare them]."

The "Mayores" singer also teased her new music and upcoming shows. Watch the video below to hear what she said. 



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