Karol G Shares the Beauty Product She Can't Live Without (Exclusive)

The 'Oceans' singer dishes on all her must-haves, from her favorite junk food to what she can't live without.

Happy birthday to Karol G!

The Colombian singer turned 29 on Friday, Valentine's Day, and couldn't help but give herself a sweet shout-out on her Instagram. 

"Hoy soy feliz por que Dios me regaló un año más de vida ... Haciendo lo que amo al lado de los que tanto amo@??✨?????✨?? ? Happy Bday To Meeeeeeeee," she wrote, which translates to, "Today I am happy that God gave me another year of life. Doing what I love, with the people I love."

The "Mi Cama" singer has been topping the charts, gaining worldwide fame and delivering the hottest hits. But at heart, she's just like us. She loves junk food, puts her family above all else and is fanatical about her skincare routine.

"I am incredibly obsessed with facial creams," Karol tells ET about the beauty product she can't live without. "I use creams for my undereyes, my face, a morning cream and a night cream. I have this weird thing about my face that it needs to look super young. I pretty much have a ton of facial creams."

She also can't get enough junk food. "Yo soy una gordita en mi corazon," Karol teases before sharing that it's hard for her to stay fit because she loves French fries, hamburgers, pizza and rice.

As for her three greatest loves, it's actually more like four for Karol.

"My three greatest loves are God, because I believe in him so much," she says, "my family, ay, I can't give just three. My family, my boyfriend [Anuel AA] and music."

And though she may be fierce and fabulous while onstage and dominating the crowd, there are times when she's not super confident in herself.

"I'll admit that I am not always 100 percent confident because I'm a woman. I'm a woman and I'm human. I do have those high peak moments when I feel my best. I feel gorgeous and I love what I do. I also have those days when I don’t feel so great…. When I walk out onstage, that's when I feel the most grand and special. The stage is the happiest place in the world."

Watch the video above to hear even more of Karol's favorite things, including the song that gets her motivated to work out.

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Reporting by Elisa Osegueda