Karol G Shares Her Three Wedding Day Must-Haves (Exclusive)

ET chatted with the 'Secreto' singer, where she also shared how she envisions her special day and wedding dress.

Karol G is enjoying her engagement to Anuel AA.

The "Secreto" singer and her fiance got engaged earlier this year, and are taking things at their own pace when it comes to their wedding day. Admitting that she doesn't have any updates on her nuptials just yet, due to her and Anuel's busy touring schedule, Karol told ET that she's living life as if she's already a married woman.

"I don't have any wedding planning updates, but I can tell you that I'm living as if we are already married," she recently told ET in Los Angeles. "We are very happy and [we've been so busy]. I was on tour in Europe and he was on tour in the US. We had some time where we overlapped and got to spend time together."

"I feel like also being apart from each other also helps our relationship and breaks the monotony of things. And every time we see each other it's like a surprise and I get really excited. So we don't have a date right now, but I'm acting as if we're already married," she added. 

Their love for one another is evident, with each sharing sweet photos of one another on their social media whenever they are together. While they may be taking their time, Karol does envision how her special day will go, as well as what her wedding dress will look like. 

"I think I want something super simple, something natural, something small," she explained. "To be honest, I haven't thought about specific things because I want everything to be super simple and natural as possible."

All she wants is to have her and Anuel's family there, "y lo vamos a pasar muy rico!"

"In reality, what I want is for people to not stress about how they're going to look and what they are going to wear," Karol said about how she envisions her wedding day. "Or by the fact that there might be news outlets around and we might feel restrained from having a good time. So that's why my only wish for my wedding day, to make it feel special, is that it's super private so that it can be extra special and we can enjoy it with our families."

And if the "Punto G" singer could narrow it down to her three wedding day must-haves, well, "Obviously, family has to be there. So that's first."

"A super DJ and a variety of food. I want there to be cakes and pastries all over the place, meats and pastas and sweets," she said. "So, my family, a super DJ and lots of food. Yo tengo alma de gordita. Those would be my three things -- and obvious the groom! The groom has to be there [laughs]."

In the meantime, Karol is gearing up for her upcoming joint tour, Diosa de la Noche, with Gloria Trevi. The shows will kick off in Fresno, California, on Sept. 13 and run until Nov. 1. But she is also looking ahead to her many life goals that she wants to accomplish, one of them is becoming a mom. 

"I want to be a mom. It's something that when I do have kids, I think I will retire from making music for a while," she shared. "At first I wanted a soccer team [laughs], then I went down to having five kids, and now, I think that with three I will be very happy. I come from a very large family and I hope to tener una vejez muy acompañada. So I think that with three I will be very happy."

"One of my dreams is to become a female entrepreneur with other projects not just related to music," she added. "I love making music but there has to be variety in life. It's good to have experience in other ventures and have other goals. Like acting, having businesses, starting from zero and making something grow. It’s something exciting to look forward to."

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