Bella Giannulli Talks Starring in 'Sticks & Stones' by Emily Singer and Acting Advice From Mom Lori Loughlin

Bella Giannulli
Bella Giannulli/Instagram

Like mother, like daughter! Bella Giannulli is following in mom Lori Loughlin’s footsteps, as she stars in the short film sticks & stones, written and produced by filmmaker Emily Singer.

"I have always been obsessed with movies, television, and theater. I spent a lot of my adolescence on sound stages and sets watching my mom work, but the thought of pursuing it as a career didn’t cross my mind until I was a teenager," the 24-year-old tells ET. 

Bella Giannulli
Bella Giannulli/Instagram

"At 16, I took my first acting class and that’s when it clicked. I finally felt like I fit in somewhere. It gave me this newfound confidence I so desperately needed as an awkward kid. I quickly fell in love with the art and the community it brought me. Everything felt so magical," she adds.

Since then, the actress has been sharpening her skills at Stella Adler Academy, and taking some tips from the Full House star.

"I feel incredibly lucky that I have a family member who’s in this industry. You’re faced with a lot of rejection, so this job requires a lot of resilience and patience," The Nail Polish Sisters podcast host says.

"We were recently having a conversation and she said to me, ‘Belly, just put one foot in front of the other and keep up the hard work.’ There is a comfort in her words, knowing she once was in my position," she continues.

Bella Giannulli and Lori Loughlin
Bella Giannulli/Instagram

And Giannulli has been doing just that. "The day Emily sent me the short, I immediately sent it to my family. I think I surprised them. They were all really proud of me. ... My goal is to tell the stories that move people, that make you think, laugh, cry, and feel the human experience. I genuinely just love the art and community surrounding it," she shares. 

sticks & stones depicts themes of sexual assault, hookup culture, seeking out comfort with a partner, reclaiming your identity, and the struggle of learning to love yourself. 

"I think the more openly we share these stories, it gives women the power to begin having these conversations without shame. … It’s a lonely world, so if we can help, even, one person feel less alone, I think we’ve done our job," the actress explains.

Bella Giannulli and Emily Singer
Christian Julia

As for Singer’s aspirations: "I hope to bring light to things that may be inherently dark. … Evoking emotions in others is such a superpower and I admire the great filmmakers that do it so beautifully," the producer at Greene Street Global, the production company she shares with Alexander Schikoff, tells ET.

"It’s important for women, particularly young women, to feel like they have a voice and not to be afraid to tell their story," the director adds. "I hope viewers know they’re not alone and that it’s so important to advocate for yourself, and to be vulnerable and ask for help if you need it. Asking for help needs to be recognized as a strength, not a weakness."


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