Bella Hadid Lost Her Passport, Almost Missed Balenciaga's Paris Fashion Week Show

Bella Hadid Cooling Bra

The runway model came this close to missing out on a huge gig.

A seriously close call! Bella Hadid revealed that she nearly didn't make it to Paris Fashion Week for her big runway show.

The 25-year-old fashion superstar took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a slew of snapshots featuring her posing on a Parisian balcony in a white crop top, black jacket, billowing jeans and new-age silver-mirrored shades.

She also explained how she very nearly didn't make it to the City of Lights in time to model Balenciaga's 51st Couture Collection.

"Lost my passport. got a new passport. landed at 530am. shoot at 7. show at 12," Hadid captioned the slideshow, which concluded with a pic of the Eiffel Tower taken through her window. "Made it by the skin of my teeth."

Luckily she made it seemingly with 90 minutes to spare and managed to make it to the shoot and walk the runway, where she modeled a green satin evening gown with a large bow and voluminous skirt.

Balenciaga later shared a pic of her in the ensemble, "Look 54."

For more on the acclaimed runway star, check out the video below.