Bella Hadid Says She's Almost 10 Months Sober In Return to Instagram Amid Struggle With Lyme Disease

The model returned to Instagram to share that she is almost 10 months sober from alcohol.

Bella Hadid has returned to social media after a short break and is updating fans on a new milestone.  

"I'm so proud of anyone pushing through dry July," she wrote posted to Instagram on Tuesday, promoting the non-alcoholic beverage brand, Kin Euphorics. "With Kin and lots of self love, I am almost 10 months no alcohol!" 

The update comes after ET exclusively reported the 26-year-old model was being treated daily for Lyme disease -- and not in rehab, despite reports. 

"Bella Hadid is in daily treatment for Lyme disease," a source told ET. "Nine months ago, Bella decided she wanted to stop drinking, so she stopped. She has been sober for nine months and has never had an alcohol or drug problem. Bella is not in rehab."

Another source told ET, "Bella is taking some much deserved time off to treat her Lyme disease.”

In March, Bella shared she was "five months alcohol free." And last year, the 26-year-old model discussed her decision not to drink. 

Bella Hadid/Instagram

"​​My body does not do well with alcohol," Bella told W Magazine in January 2022 while doing her first Dry January. "And in the fashion industry, we work a lot. So we feel like at night we can play a lot, and then wake up and do it again. And I realized that is not a sustainable life for me to live."

"I used to drink a lot in college," Bella, who studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, continued. "After a full day of school, then I would have to go to castings and then go get my art supplies and I would get home and I would drink a bottle of wine and call it a day."

Amid taking some time off to address her health, ET also exclusively learned that Hadid and Marc Kalman broke up in the spring.

"They were very in love, but the relationship ultimately ran its course and they decided to end things. Bella is a very nice person, but struggles with the pressures of fame," a source shared. "Bella is taking some much deserved time off to treat her Lyme disease. She is not in rehab and has never had an alcohol or drug problem. Her split from Marc was amicable and she is always someone who takes care of herself and has been very open about it."

Bella's breakup comes almost a year after a source told ET that Marc, an art director, was planning to pop the question. At the time, the source said Marc was planning to propose in the fall after they had been talking about getting engaged and having a wedding in California.

The two confirmed their relationship in July 2021 (they were rumored to have been together since 2020) but kept their romance on the down low. 

After going public, Bella and Marc were spotted together for Paris Fashion Week and then partying it up in April 2022 for Gigi Hadid's 27th birthday soiree in New York City. He had also met the family by then, as Bella's parents, Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid, were also at the shindig.