Ben Affleck Says Going Blond for 'The Last Duel' Has Been 'Fun' (Exclusive)

The actor trades his dark locks for a lighter look in his upcoming film, 'The Last Duel.'

Do blonds really have more fun? Ben Affleck seems to think so!

The actor trades his dark locks for a lighter look in his upcoming film, The Last Duel, and while photos of the new look have already made their way into the public eye, he teased that he has even better images up his sleeve.

“Did pictures get out?” he said, while talking to ET’s Nischelle Turner at The Way Back premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday. “We need to control that! I don't know how that happened, but somebody's bound to see it. Eventually I'll release some good ones, but it's fun.”

“This movie has been really fun,” he reiterated, before giving his co-stars a shout-out. “Really excited. Adam Driver, Matt Damon ... it's been really fun.”

Photos of Affleck with platinum blond hair and wearing a red cape emerged on Thursday, with many fans surprised at the drastic new look.

Damon also had a vastly different look, sporting a chin beard and a dark cape as he rode a horse in photos taken on set.

As well as starring in the film, Damon and Affleck co-wrote the script for the medieval movie, which is set in 14th-century France and tells the real-life story of knights, Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris. The project is being directed by Ridley Scott.

Longtime pals Affleck and Damon have also been working on a film inspired by the real-life McDonald’s Monopoly game scam. The story was recently turned into an HBO documentary seriesMcMillions.

“We’re just getting a new draft in [and] still developing it,” Affleck shared about the project’s status. “I think being a hit documentary, [it] can only help that story and prove that it's really interesting and generate support for it.”

“It's a tricky one -- we gotta find the right tone,” he continued. “But everybody knows that game, everybody knows McDonalds, everybody knows the Monopoly game and the fact that it was a huge scam is amazing.”

Affleck also stars in the new film, The Way Backin which he portrays a basketball coach dealing with addiction.

Having entered rehab for addiction struggles himself, Affleck previously told ET that working on The Way Back was at times like therapy, due to its "emotional honesty."

"I know and have a lot of friends who have dealt with issues like this compulsive behavior and addictive behavior, and the vast majority of them are really honest, accountable people living good, healthy lives," he said. "The idea that life gets better, that you can get better, that you can overcome your obstacles, is a really important one to me and that's the approach I liked about this movie. It was not just like, 'Oh, there is alcoholism.' That's kind of ordinary."

The Way Back hits theaters on March 6th. 

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