Ben Higgins and Becca Kufrin's BTS Tour of 'Bachelor: Live on Stage' -- Fantasy Suite Included (Exclusive)

Only ET got a look behind the scenes of the show's Los Angeles tour stop!

The Bachelor has taken its show on the road! 

The franchise's latest endeavor, The Bachelor: Live on Stage, hosted by Ben Higgins and Becca Kufrin, is bringing love to the masses. The stage production -- which condenses an entire Bachelor season in a two-hour live show -- kicked off in Mesa, Arizona, on Feb. 13, and shows no sign of slowing down, with dates continuing through May 17. 

Only ET's Lauren Zima joined Higgins and Kufrin for a special behind-the-scenes look at their Los Angeles tour stop on Feb. 28, where Higgins teased it's "100 percent" The Bachelor on steroids. 

With each new city, there's a new Bachelor (for L.A., it was Bachelor in Paradise alum Connor Saeli), and 10 to 12 women vying for his heart. "It's a full production," Kufrin explained. "We have everything from different prop changes to costume changes, and all the iconic moments that you see in a normal season, like rose ceremonies, group dates, fantasy suites, hometowns. It's all within our stage in two hours."

But about those fantasy suites. On TV, the fantasy suite allows couples to spend some off-camera time together. However, on The Bachelor: Live on Stage, it's pretty much just a chance for the Bachelor to get to know his final women better off-mic, on a Bachelor in Paradise-style daybed. 

"Eighty percent of the people on stage who have participated in the fantasy suites have kissed at this point," Higgins revealed. 

The Los Angeles tour stop was packed with Bachelor alums, including Rachel Lindsay, Eric Bigger, Katie Morton, Demi Burnett -- and current Bachelor, Peter Weber. Kufrin told ET before the show that she was sure the fans were "going to go nuts." 

"The best way I can explain [the show] is as a sporting event. People pick their favorites, they're yelling at the contestants on stage, they're yelling at the Bachelor," Higgins said. "They're watching the show like how they probably watch their televisions."

"Every night, the audience has been amazing," Kufrin added. "We feed off of them. I think they feed off of us because they know that they can finally give their input. The Bachelor is listening to them for the most part, so it's fun to have that interaction back and forth."

At the end of each show, the Bachelor hands out his final rose. And while there's no proposal -- "unless they want it to happen," Kufin noted, "Anything can happen on stage" -- there have been some actual love connections. According to Higgins, a couple that met during a show in Mesa "have been on multiple dates since." 

For Saeli, the pressure was on. "I think this'll be a little bit more difficult, having to hand out the roses, so I'm excited to see what that's like but being on this side," he told ET. "It'll be a little stressful."

The entrepreneur had his sights set on "someone who's adventurous, outgoing and fun." "But really I'm just looking for that spark and connection that I haven't found in someone yet," he said. 

Saeli handed out his final rose on stage -- but told ET he would also be open to giving things another shot with former Bachelorette -- and his ex -- Hannah Brown if things didn't work out with his new love interest. 

"I felt like I never had the true chance to get to know her and for her to get to know me," he shared. "Who knows what would happen if we did have a genuine chance to get to know each other."

However, Brown's good friend, Burnett, told ET after the show that maybe Saeli should focus on other matches. "I think it didn't work out the first time, so I think it's not going to work out the second time. Come on!" she quipped. 

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