Bethenny Frankel Explains Decision to Leave 'RHONY' and Her Tweet About Still Being Married

Bethenny Frankel
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The reality star took to her Instagram Story on Friday to tell her side of the story.

Bethenny Frankel is speaking her truth. 

On Friday, the 48-year-old reality star addressed her fans directly on her Instagram Story to explain her decision to leave The Real Housewives of New York City, as well as a recent tweet she sent out that revealed she was still married to her longtime ex, Jason Hoppy.

"So I'm in L.A. and I wake up and my phone explodes this morning," Frankel began. "I want to explain to you that this week I made a really big decision and I have been thinking about it and going back and forth. I just decided that when you jump, you fly."

The Skinnygirl mogul -- who has been on RHONY since 2008, though she left in 2010 before rejoining in 2015 -- was adamant that it was her decision and her decision alone to leave the reality series. "When I came on to Housewives everyone, everyone told me not to do it and I went with my own gut. Many people, many people didn't want me to leave, and then just very few people thought it might be the wrong time," she shared. "It doesn't matter what anybody thinks when you make decisions, it matters what you think and sometimes you don't even know what you think."

Frankel then started to tear up. "Just a moment, two days ago, I just said, 'You know what, let's do it. Let it ride,'" she said of her decision. "I was really emotional. I spent a quarter of my life on that network and on many different shows, and it's a very emotional time. I'm happy and I'm excited but it's just part of me. It's been so amazing to me and given me amazing experiences and opportunities. I'm so grateful."

After emotionally explaining her departure from RHONY, she went on to clarify an earlier tweet, in which she revealed that she was still married to Hoppy, the father of her 9-year-old daughter, Brynn.

The tweet read: "To my NY hwives: GO GET EM! I had to go since I’m the only one that is actually married...that’s how crazy this ride is," she wrote. "You are all amazing, beautiful and strong. Spread your wings and fly! Xoxo @ramonasinger @CountessLuann@TinsleyMortimer @SonjatMorgan @dorindamedley."

Frankel shared her reasoning behind the message, telling fans, "I then yesterday wanted to really take time to think about the women and the women on my show that I'm rooting for and I was part of this fabric of this show with. I wanted to say, 'Go get 'em and you're going to be great and I'm here to help and I'm rooting for you.' I paved a way for women to reach their dreams or believe that it's possible and I wanted to just say, 'Go get 'em.'"

She added that as a joke, she also wanted to say, "Ironically, I'm the only legally married Housewife on New York."

Frankel -- who is currently dating Paul Bernon -- further pointed out, "I'm not newly married. I was the only legally married Housewife on The Real Housewives of New York."

The former Real Housewives star and Hoppy separated after two years of marriage in December 2012, and it was previously thought that their divorce was finalized in July 2016. Hoppy’s attorney, Bernard Clair, told ET at the time that the couple’s split had "finally been resolved" and that Hoppy was "thrilled that this chapter of his life is over."

However, in a statement sent to ET on Friday, Hoppy's lawyer, Robert Wallack, revealed, "Jason and Bethenny are still technically married. While Jason has been pushing for years to have the judge sign the divorce judgment, it’s Bethenny’s lawyers who’ve objected."

ET has reached out to Frankel's lawyers for comment.