Bethenny Frankel Travels to Florida and the Bahamas to Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

The 48-year-old reality star landed in Miami on Tuesday.

Bethenny Frankel is helping those in need.

Amid Hurricane Dorian's destruction in the Bahamas and forecasted impact on Florida, the 48-year-old reality star took to social media to share her efforts to aid the affected communities through her disaster relief initiative, bstrong. 

"We have a facility in Miami for you to bring relief - JUST like #Maria," Frankel wrote on her Instagram Story, referencing the category 5 hurricane in 2017 that devastated Puerto Rico. "This has to be organized Bc we have a plan & system."

Frankel, who also noted on Twitter that some donations go to planes for search and rescue as well as to barges to ship containers, continued her post by explaining that donations to #bstrong "go to cash cards directly given to victim" and that 100 percent "goes to relief."

"I pay my travel and any expenses," she added. "Knowing exactly where your $ is going is empowering. It's no different than where you invest."


Through a series of videos on her Story, Frankel, who tweeted that it was "the worst impact my team has seen," displayed the destruction that's already occurred and shared a 911 phone call from a grandmother who was taking refuge in her ceiling with her son and six grandchildren. "Everybody is in the ceiling and the water is rising fast," the caller said.

On Twitter, Frankel said that the "unofficial death toll in Abacos / Marsh Harbour is 50+" and that it was "as bad as I've heard," adding that her "heart is broken."

"Unlike Puerto Rico, the Bahamas is very flat and the hurricane rested here much longer. Plus, the construction there is not built for this. #thisisacrisis," she added in another tweet.

Frankel also praised her "strong team" who was meeting with "key Bahamian officials" during the storm, adding that they are "organizing boats to get the Bahamas." 

"An amazing thing is the Bahamas has a British med navy ship there which is an incredible resource for people needing attention," she wrote in another tweet. "My team has found the Bahamian government has been very helpful during this process. They are on the case and just want relief versus being political."


While Frankel was clearly ready to help, before deciding to go and eventually landing in Miami at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning she shared one reason she was a little nervous to leave home.

"My main priority is just making sure I'm there for my daughter's first day of school before and after. So that is my only little worry, but I won't miss that if I have to take a train or walk or ride a pony," she said in one clip, something that she reiterated on Twitter.


Frankel recently announced that she is leaving the Real Housewives of New York City amid fan and cast surprise. 

Watch the video below for more on Frankel.



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