'Beverly Hills, 90210' Reboot in the Works With the OG Cast and a Surprising Twist

'Beverly Hills, 90210' Cast
Mikel Roberts/Sygma via Getty Images

Here's what's happening with the long-rumored reboot!

There are some new developments regarding the long-rumored reboot of the beloved teen melodrama Beverly Hills, 90210, and it might throw some fans for a loop.

ET has learned CBS Television Studios is developing an "untraditional reboot," that will include some of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 cast. However -- and here's the nontraditional part -- the actors "are not reprising their original characters."

A source familiar with the production tells ET that crew members spotted with the cast yesterday are former writers from 2008's 90210 reboot. It's unclear at this time what exactly that means, and the development raises several questions:

-Will the returning stars play the parents of their former characters? 

-Will they play entirely new characters who never existed in the original series?

-Will the show keep the original characters as well, but just cast younger actors?

-Since they were all adults playing high schoolers the first time around, would it really be so hard to just cast them as freshman college students even though most of them are in their 40s?

The news comes hours after stars Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green were spotted chatting over coffee in Hollywood, following a series of pitch meetings with execs at Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, TMZ reports.

It's unclear at this time how many members from the original cast would be involved in the new series, as Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty were noticeably absent from the mini-reunion on Thursday afternoon.

A Riverdale production source tells ET that "at this time, due to his current deal with Riverdale, Luke Perry could only guest star on a potential 90210 reboot, and could not be a series regular."

As for Perry's 90210 co-star, Garth, she told ET back in June 2017 that she'd love to be a part of a reboot or revival series with her old co-stars.

"I love all my old castmates, working with them again would be amazing,” she said. “What a great thing to do. It would just have to be the right coming together of all the minds that need to come together."