KJ Apa Compares Archie's 'Riverdale' Hair With Luke Perry's Iconic '90210' 'Do (Exclusive)

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Has there ever been TV hair as iconic as Luke Perry’s Beverly Hills 90210 alter-ego, Dylan McKay?

His Riverdale costar and TV son, KJ Apa, is trying to achieve such hair goals!

ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with the two heartthrobs at New York Comic Con on Monday, where Apa revealed that an upcoming “throwback” episode sees him ditch his character, Archie Andrews’, signature red locks to play a younger version of his screen dad, Fred (Perry.)

And, that meant high (literally) hair goals as he tried to emulate Dylan McKay’s slick and sexy ‘do.

“I had to have his hair, as close as I could, in the throwback episode, which was pretty cool -- it was slicked back,” Apa, 21, shared. “But they needed it a little higher as well. It was a little too flat.”

“[Mine] was much taller than you bro, much bigger… I could get it way up,” Perry noted, before adding that he was “going for maximum altitude” in the 90210 days.

Reflecting on his time on 90210, during which he rose to fame alongside the likes of Jason Priestley, Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth, Perry said Riverdale “burns white hot” in comparison to the popular nineties series.

“90210 kind of scorched the earth in all directions, but this thing burns hot, cuts through stuff,” Perry, 51, said. “It's the social media, it’s the kids, it’s the fan frenzy that goes with it -- it's wild.”

Just as the 90210 clan made fast friends (and at times, off-screen lovers,) the hot young stars of Riverdale have also formed tight bonds, and some, romantic relationships, since the show premiered on the CW in 2017.

Perry has also become close with Apa, who left behind his native New Zealand to take on the Riverdale role. “He's a man of many accents,” Perry said of Apa. “He is a very good imitator of other. We have a good time with that!”

As for the upcoming throwback episode of Riverdale, while Apa portrays a younger Fred, Mark Consuelos welcomed his real-life son, Michael, onto set to play the younger version of his character, Hiram Lodge.

“That kid looks so much like his dad, and sounds like so much like his dad, there were so many times I thought [Mark] was on set, but I looked over and it was Michael,” Apa shared. “He killed it. It was great.”

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