‘Riverdale’: Why Archie Has a Serpent Tattoo, Gargoyle King Killings & More Season 3 Secrets Revealed!

Riverdale Season 3
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Grab your favorite milkshake and meet us at the best booth in Pop’s because season three of Riverdale is almost here!

We’re just a week away from reuniting with Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and the rest of our favorite north and southsiders, and that means it’s also time for the return of Sweetwater Secrets, your go-to show for all things Riverdale on ET’s YouTube channel.

Each week, we will be spilling exclusive answers and interviews from your favorite Riverdale stars with two brand-new episodes — a spoiler-packed preview on Wednesdays and a “Hisses and Kisses” filled aftershow on Thursdays. 

In this week’s episode, we were in the mood for a little chaos, so we called up Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sasaca and asked him to answer some of our most burning season three questions! 

Read on for exclusive answers about Archie’s new Serpent tattoo, (and which other characters might be getting theirs next!), new haunting details about the season three mystery, “The Gargoyle King,” a Varchie relationship update and more!

Why does Archie have a Southside Serpent tattoo in the season three trailer?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: You know, it’s not what the fans think — actually I’m not sure what they think. It’s a protection that Jughead can extend to his friend, and that’s the origins of that tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, will we see our new reigning Southside queen, Betty Cooper, get her own Serpent tattoo? 

That’s a really good question. You’d think she would, right? We can tease that that will probably happen at some point this season.

And we can’t forget about Cheryl! Will we see her get a Serpent tattoo just like her pink-haired bae, Toni?

Another very good question. I think what we’re going to learn about Cheryl is that she doesn’t necessarily follow all the rules ever — including the serpent rules.

In the season three trailer, Veronica passionately says, “We are endgame” when talking about Archie. What leads her to make this passionate Varchie declaration?

Veronica is the type of character who says what she believes and says what’s on her mind. She says it, usually, emphatically and she believes that. She fights for that and for them really, really passionately and I thought that with all the problems that we were going to be throwing at her and Archie, I thought that Varchie might be sacrificed early in the season, but their passion has proved very resilient. So you can tell Varchie fans that they are fighting to stay together and if the ship does goes down, they will go down fighting because these two are crazy about each other and they just won't let go of each other.

In the season three trailer, we see Alice and Polly holding Dagwood and Juniper over a bonfire — what’s on earth is going on?

You know we’ve been teasing his strange organization — The Farm — since season one. The Farm is coming to town and Polly’s twins are part of The Farm. They’re definitely being held close to a fire.

You’ve teased that a big portion of season three will be centered around “The Gargoyle King,” so what can you tell us about who — or what — this mysterious figure is?

This season on Riverdale, a mysterious Dungeons and Dragons-like game has surfaced in the town and it’s called “Griffins and Gargoyles.” The parents of Riverdale are terrified of it because the game is affecting their children. One of our central mysteries starts when the bodies of two students are found in the woods and it’s discovered that they were playing Griffins and Gargoyles and that the main villain of the game — the Gargoyle King — may also be stalking the streets of Riverdale. 

Want more season three secrets? Press play on the latest episode of Sweetwater Secrets above to watch a full interview with stars Madchen Amick and Skeet Ulrich spilling what’s next for the Coopers, the Serpents and some very “interesting” Falice scenes ahead!

Season three of Riverdale premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. PST/EST on The CW.


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