Beyonce Is Giving Away Free Tickets to Her Concerts for Life in Exchange for Fans' Pledging to Be Vegan

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Beyonce wants you to go vegan -- and she's willing to give you free concert tickets for life if you do it. 

The "Best Thing I Never Had" singer revealed on Instagram on Wednesday that she and her husband, JAY-Z, are giving away free tickets to their shows for the next 30 years for one lucky fan who commits to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Bey, who has been a proud vegan for years, is hoping to educate the public on the environmental benefits to going meat-free. Through her and her husband's 22 Days Nutrition company and Greenprint Project, the couple offers up tips and tricks to embracing the vegan lifestyle. Those who pledge to introduce plant-based meals to their diet on the Greenprint website will be entered to win two free tickets to every single Beyoncé and/or JAY-Z concert for the next three decades. The winner will be chosen at random on May 22. 

Beyonce has been working with 22 Day Nutrition's Marco Borges for years. In 2015, ET's Keltie Knight talked to Borges for The Insider, where he shared what the plan is all about.

"Whether or not you want to go 100 percent plant-based, the reality is that we know we can benefit from eating more vegetables. From eating more foods from the Earth. Eating more foods that are processed and that are as close to nature as possible and that is the message," he explained. "What better vehicle then Bey's platform. She's the type of person that lives to empower people so we thought this was an amazing opportunity to empower people and help them to live healthier lives."

See more on celebs who have gone vegan in the video below. 


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