Beyoncé Reveals What Her Weight Was Before 22-Day Diet for Coachella

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Beyoncé is giving fans an inside look at her pre-Coachella diet!

In a new video posted to her YouTube account on Wednesday, titled "22 Days Nutrition," the triple-thread star reveals she weighed 175 pounds before committing to a 44-day diet consisting of organic, Non-GMO, plant-based food.

"Every woman’s nightmare… this is my weight, 175. Long way to go," she announces after stepping on the scale.

The video features behind-the-scenes footage of the 37-year-old singer in rehearsals and in the kitchen, preparing for her now-historic headlining set at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last April. At the time, she had just given birth to her and JAY-Z's twins, Sir and Rumi Carter. Beyonce has revealed that she weighed 218 pounds when she went into labor. 

"I’m back on the stage after giving birth to twins," she says in the video. "I was a woman that felt like my body was not mine."

The new video promotes the 22 Days Nutrition program, which was created by exercise physiologist Marco Borges, Beyoncé's longtime friend and trainer. Together, they launched a meal planner that gives fans access to tools and recipes "that empower everyone to become their healthiest self through proper nutrition."

“It’s time to work, so I have to get in that zone, it’s like a different head space,” she explains. “Me getting the weight off was so much easier than getting back in shape and my body feeling comfortable.”

Watch Bey's video below, and learn more about the program here.

Beyoncé is no stranger to promoting veganism. She and Borges first launched 22 Days Nutrition to her fans back in 2015, after she and JAY-Z took the challenge in the winter of 2013. "I am so grateful that I took the challenge and credit Marco with leading by example," she said at the time. "All you have to do is try. If I can do it, anyone can. I am excited to partner with him."

Earlier this year, the mother of three also revealed via Instagram that she and her husband were giving away free tickets to their shows for the next 30 years for one lucky fan who was willing to commit to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Following the release of Bey's latest pro-vegan video, fans took to social media to share their reactions, with many joking about "starving" themselves, "being super cranky the next few weeks" and "eating cardboard" for 22 days:

Others, however, felt inspired:

One fan, a writer for, has already tried Bey's 22-day program, forgoing "bacon, dairy and basically all of life's other greatest pleasures for three entire weeks." While the nutrition site offers various options for home delivery, she notes in her article that she dished out just over $600 to receive three meals a day for the duration "because that's what Beyoncé does."

"[The meals] are delivered to you once a week for three weeks in huge insulated coolers with frozen gel packs. The food is fully cooked and prepared; all you have to do is heat it up in the oven or microwave," she writes. "It was a roller coaster of emotions, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic when I finished my last vegan meal. But as each day went by, it got a little bit easier." 

Read her full diet diary, full of great commentary like "BRB, sprinting to Shake Shack," here.


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