Beyonce's 'Lion King' Co-Stars Seth Rogen and Donald Glover on What Blue Ivy Thought of the Movie (Exclusive)

Here's all the details on Blue Ivy's reaction to her mother's film!

Beyonce's co-stars are sharing what her daughter, Blue Ivy, thought of The Lion King!

ET caught up with some of the film’s stars, including Donald Glover, who voiced the film's hero, Simba, to talk about Blue Ivy's experience in the theater. He revealed that Blue was "narrating the movie" and his 2-year-old son, Legend, was all ears.

"Like he was so done, but he met, like well, she was behind us. So, like, Ivy Blue was, like, narrating the movie," he explained to ET’s Nischelle Turner when asked if his son got to meet Beyonce. "Blue Ivy] was like, 'Scar, like he's lying.' And my son was like, 'What? Who is that?'"

Glover added: "She knew the movie already, it was awesome."

ET also spoke with Glover’s co-star, Seth Rogen, who plays the lovable singing warthog, Pumbaa, in the film. He echoed Glover’s experience listening to the 7-year-old talk along with the movie.

"She was. I heard her the whole time," he stated, adding that the movie magic managed to, at least briefly, convince Blue Ivy that she was watching real animals. "And then, very early in the movie I heard her just go, ‘Are they talking?’ I think she thought they were real animals… She thought it was real. 'Oh my God, they got these animals to talk!' Disney is a powerful company."

While on hand, Rogen also discussed nervously watching the rest of the audience’s reactions to the film to see if jokes landed or not.

"…seeing it with an audience full of people, you can definitely feel the audience's experience of it and I think that's more where my brain goes. Like, 'Are they enjoying this? Does this seem to be working?'" he shared. "And yeah, it was very…it was amazing to again see that people seem to be really enjoying it."

Director Jon Favreau shared the same sentiments, telling ET: "It was also the first time getting to see it with young kids. Like, 'Oh wow!' Even [with] the original Lion King people think of the funny stuff, but there's a big emotional rollercoaster and with all the young kids, they were hanging in there."

The Lion King arrives in theaters on July 19.