Michelle Williams on What Beyonce's 'Lion King' Role Means for Her Daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the former Destiny's Child singer at the film's premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Michelle Williams is one proud friend!

The former Destiny's Child singer looked breathtaking at the Lion King premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where she stepped out to support her good friend, Beyonce Knowles-Carter. ET's Nishcelle Turner caught up Williams at the red carpet, where she praised Bey for the impact that she will have on not only on the film's legacy but on her two daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi.

"Just excitement and how now is the time [for] different voices, different experiences and what she is going to bring to it," Williams explained about Beyonce's impact. "And because of her two little girls, what she's passing on for her family, I think, is really awesome."

"I think she's just excited to be in it, probably as she was when she first saw the movie," she continued. "And to have a full circle moment to be in something that you just salivated over when you were younger, is just awesome."


For Williams, The Lion King has also taught her many important life lessons. 

"I didn't realize the great lessons that I learned in that movie," Williams confessed, adding that the movie wasn't just for children. "The adult messages that are in that movie are timeless. One of my favorite quotes, Mufasa, saying, 'Never forget who you are.' And every now and then, we forget the crown that resides on your head and you forget who you are. Never forget who you are."

Williams also shared why it's so important for her to share her struggles with her fans after seeking mental health treatment a year ago. 

"I think sometimes when someone that you look up to can be transparent and can let you know [their struggles, you think], 'Maybe I'm not so alone.' Because people that you admire, you feel like they don't have issues, they don’t have struggles, [but they do]," she explained about being upfront with her fans. "But if I can tell you all the hard work I've done to be great, is the same work that I'm taking to feel as good as I look…Pushups, therapy, church."

The Lion King arrives in theaters on July 19. See more in the video below.



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