Disney Releases Brand New 'Lion King' Cast Photo Featuring Beyonce and Donald Glover

Take a peek at the new stunning group photo of the cast.

The cast of the upcoming remake of The Lion King recently assembled to take a group photo for the ages.

On Monday, Disney released the image, which includes all the film’s key players clad in dark shades and striking regal poses in front of a dark-blue background.

While stars like Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, John Oliver and Keegan-Michael Key skirt the photo’s edges, Donald Glover and Beyonce (who play Simba and Nala, respectively) are front and center. The former rocks a black button-up, black slacks and slip-ons, while the songstress looks as stylish as ever in a black hip-hugging dress which she complemented with a high ponytail.

This stunning new pic arrives roughly a week after a series of photos were released which paired each actor with their animal character. In Beyonce’s photo, she gives her lion alter ego in the film a cool gaze. It’s a safe bet that the group photo was taken at the same time as the individual character portraits, as Beyonce is sporting the same black dress and ponytail.

Promotional materials have also included a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the film’s stars bringing their CGI-rendered characters to life in the studio. Included is a clip showing Rogen (Pumbaa, the warthog) and Eichner (Timon, the meerkat) singing "Hakuna Matata" with Glover.

A brief clip of Beyonce and Glover singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," the ballad from the animated 1994, has also made its way into a TV promo, which is a must for fans dying to see the new film. Check it out above.

The Lion King arrives in theaters on July 19.


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