'Big Brother All-Stars': The Final Five Axe a Power Player in Dramatic Eviction -- See Who Got Kicked Out!

Nicole on Big Brother All-Stars

It took Nicole Franzel nearly the entire season of Big Brother All-Stars to win any of the competitions. Now, she's scored two big victories in a row and has secured her place in the final four.

However, she's also made a big move with her choices for the chopping block, and going into Thursday's live eviction night, it was unclear if she'd end up with the outcome she was hoping for.

After Tyler Crispen's eviction last week, Nicole managed to pull out a win in a Head of Household competition, and decided to nominate Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbot for eviction.

With Memphis having finished as a runner-up in season 10 and Christmas coming in third in Season 19, both contestants could taste victory this time around -- and the tantalizing possibility of staying in the game drove them to compete hard in the Veto Challenge.

However, Nicole -- who is the only remaining houseguest to have won the show in a previous season -- managed to secure another win, and opted not to use her Power of Veto to change the competition. Meaning fans were going to be saying goodbye to either Christmas or Memphis when the vote came out.

Before voting began, both houseguests got a chance to plead their case.

"I'm very proud of you and choosing this journey. Julie, I'm a big fan, but I'm not ready for my exit interview yet. So I'm hoping that you're OK with waiting," Christmas said. "Houseguests, I'm kind of running out of speeches to give you," Christmas said. "I'm getting very uncomfortable on this so I'm hoping that you guys know that I can help your game continue and you vote to keep me."

Memphis on his end, "This is new for me. Even after two seasons...Guys, Cody, Enzo, Nicole, your word is everything in this game. And I've played this game very straight forward, and I hope you continue to keep me in this house so I can continue to play that way. Also, you might want to keep me around just in case Cody starts another grease fire."

However, when it finally came time to vote,Memphis was voted out by Cody and then Enzo. 

"I was definitely blindsided, for sure," Memphis told Julie Chen-Moonves after being evicted. "Look, in this game, the first time I played, I didn't win much. I didn't win anything, actually, except for some vetoes. This time I came in wanting to win. After three H.O.H.S, I'm sure they look at me as more of a threat. So, you know, Christmas is a good player, so maybe she had some stuff she was pedaling them. But, ultimately, look, they obviously didn't see me as an asset to their game, even though I thought I was. So I'm interested to see what went down."

When asked if he felt betrayed, he replied, "I feel a little blindsided, but I do think I was an asset because I was planning on keeping that wise guys' alliance to the end."

Big Brother All-Stars airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and the live eviction airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

For more on the wild drama from this season of Big Brother All-Stars, check out the video below.


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