'Big Brother All-Stars': Kevin Campbell Reveals Who He Thinks Are the Fakest Houseguests (Exclusive)

The first of three evicted houseguests on triple eviction night talks to ET about playing as a half-Black, half-Japanese gay man.

Big Brother: All-Stars booted three houseguests in one night in a chaotic triple eviction on Thursday night, and the first to be ousted from the house and into jury was Kevin Campbell. A go-to nominee this season, Kevin faced major hurdles as he tried to keep himself in the game against a large, dominant alliance, The Committee, that controlled the majority of the game. After getting the boot with a unanimous 6-0 vote, the latest member of the jury revealed to host Julie Chen Moonves that he chose not to hug anyone on his way out the door because it's "all fake."

"I think I was on the block because they saw a person who would just take it and not really be able to retaliate," Kevin told ET the day after he was evicted. "As much as I wanted to retaliate, I just could not because the level of competition in this house was so elevated."

Because the Big Brother game has moved into the jury phase, ET was only able to ask the evictees about conversations and moments they were a part of or privy to inside the house. Here, ET talked to Kevin on Friday morning about being the first of three houseguests evicted on Thursday's episode, why he was the go-to nominee this season and who he believes is the fakest houseguest still in the house.

ET: You were on the block a lot this season. Why do you think you were the go-to nominee?

Kevin Campbell: I was on the block a lot this season because I’m a block queen, okurr! Like, I don’t know. I think I was on the block because they saw a person who would just take it and not really be able to retaliate. As much as I wanted to retaliate, I just could not because the level of competition in this house was so elevated. I was trying to win comps, so I could get back at them and I just couldn’t. And they recognized that really soon and so, they kept putting me on the block. I’m mad. I’m angry.

The fire you had the first time you played the game seemed to be missing this time. Why?

I think the fire that I had the first time I played the game is different this time, because immediately I was put on the block and immediately, I realized I was on the outs. I could never, ever penetrate the major alliance. I realized that this cast is not feeling me. Like, no one’s really welcoming me. Whereas the first time I played the game I thought, oop, oop, oop, I see a way in! This way I was like, door slamming. Door slamming. Door slamming. How would you feel if the door was slamming in your face every single day? Beat down and defeated, and that’s how I felt this entire time. I’m exhausted right now, because I’ve been fighting for weeks to find an angle and I could never.

You told Julie there’s a lot of fakery in the game. Who’s the fakest and why?

Oh my god, I told Julie there’s a lot of fakery in this game because there is a lot of fake folks in this house. I feel like I have some cheap shake-and-go wigs that are less fake than these houseguests, and here’s who I think is the most fake -- I don’t know if I can tell you this, so come close, but I think Christmas is fake! I think Nicole F., fake! Cody, fake! Who else? Who else is left that’s fake? Yeah, I think those are the fakest. A lot of them -- everybody was really fake, including myself. I had to be fake sometimes, ‘cause I was like, oh my god! Am I supposed to be fake? Is that, like, the thing this season? I couldn’t get it, so a lot of them were acting really fake.

Will you talk Da’Vonne about your identity and how her dismissing it made you feel?

I definitely am looking forward to having some in-depth conversations in the jury house with Da’Vonne, because I feel like my -- we never really fully hashed out the issues that I had as far as my own identity and how I identify as a biracial Black and Japanese person, and how she never really included me as part of the, part of the Black houseguests, so I can’t wait to have some serious conversations with her, because I think her perspective is extremely valid, as well, and I just want to talk to her about her perspective and my perspective and how we can find some commonality there. 

Big Brother All-Stars moves to a new night, Mondays, starting Oct. 5 and continues to air Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. Watch jury member David Alexander's eviction interview with ET below.

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