'Big Brother All-Stars': David Alexander Says He's Donating His $10K Prize to Black Lives Matter (Exclusive)

One of three evicted houseguests on Thursday's triple eviction, the 'rookie' talks to ET about why he was voted out.

Big Brother houseguest David Alexander was one of three houseguests who fell victim to the first two-hour triple eviction on Thursday's chaotic live episode. The "rookie" was the second to be voted out of the latest All-Stars episode, following Kevin Campbell and preceding Daniele Donato Briones.

From the moment he stepped into the house, David's time on All-Stars was rocky at best. Since he barely lasted one day on season 21, his fellow houseguests barely gave him the time of day, nor did they fully trust him -- with good reason, in many instances. After lying about not using a power to take himself off the block, he became the go-to fall guy following a split vote that ended up sending former winner Ian Terry home. And his nine lives ended when HOH Memphis Garrett nominated David alongside ex-winner Nicole Franzel on the block, with the intention of David going home. But David's only ally, Tyler Crispen, cast a vote for him to stay over Nicole, and Christmas Abbott also did the same. It wasn't enough to save him, and with a 3-2 vote, David was the next member of the Big Brother: All-Stars jury, who will determine the winner on finale night. 

Because the Big Brother game has moved into the jury phase, ET was only able to ask the evictees about conversations and moments they were a part of or privy to inside the house. Here, ET talked to David on Friday morning about being the second houseguest evicted on Thursday's episode, what he plans to do with the $10,000 he won from the OTEV competition and why he believes his fellow houseguests chose to spare a former winner.

ET: There were two votes for you to stay. Who do you think cast them and why?

David Alexander: I think Enzo and Tyler casted them. I think that ultimately, they didn’t want to see another winner to the final six, or get to the next step of the game. Plus, we made an alliance early on and I think at this point in the game, it was time to get the winner of their other alliance out. If Nicole was in an alliance with them, it’s time for her to go. At least I hoped! I thought that was a good nomination. I thought I had a shot. I thought I could convince Christmas. I know she had been feeding me [information]. She wanted to get Dani and Nicole out, but couldn’t get the third vote, so there was more going on than I thought. 

You got to play a lot longer this season than your first. Did you prove what you wanted to prove?

Going home 16th on a regular season and eighth on a brand new season [with] the the Big Brother All-Stars cast, it feels redemptive. I feel like I got my redemption. I would’ve loved to have gotten to play longer in a regular cast. This was very tough. These are all experienced players who get in alliances or play the social game very well, or can win comps. This was way tougher than I thought it was going to be, but it was fun! A lot of fun.

Why do you think they voted you out over Nicole, a former winner?

I think ultimately it came down to what people saw as a value in an alliance. Memphis wanted me out. That was communicated to me when we had our few minutes before the vote, and I felt like Memphis and Christmas had a very, very [close] bond and/or relationship to get to the end, and given that I felt like Christmas would not go against Memphis, that’s why I think she didn’t vote to keep me.

What will you do with the $10,000 you got from OTEV?

I am campaigning on my socials for America’s Favorite Player and I also decided early on that if I didn’t win the prize money, I would use it to help raise money for Black Lives Matter and other causes associated with that movement. That’s something extra to use in a good way, especially with this year being what it is. I’m very proud to have gotten that money, especially seeing how things have voted out and now we can actually build on it and do something well.

Big Brother All-Stars moves to a new night, Mondays, starting Oct. 5 and continues to air Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. Watch jury member Da'Vonne Rogers' eviction interview with ET below.

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