'Big Brother': Da'Vonne Rogers Names Fakest Houseguest and Talks Nicole Franzel's Lies (Exclusive)

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Da'Vonne Rogers is opening up to ET after her eviction on Thursday's episode of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Da'Vonne was evicted by a vote of 5-2 over Kevin Campbell, but not without a lot of shifting alliances and friendships getting torn apart. The drama actually stemmed from last Thursday's eviction, when Ian Terry became the sixth houseguest to go home. Da'Vonne wanted David Alexander to vote for Tyler Crispen -- which he did -- and Nicole Franzel was supposed to do the same to split the vote. However, Nicole actually voted for Ian because of the machinations of her alliance, then told Da'Vonne that it was David who'd flipped his vote. Da'Vonne chose to trust Nicole and believed her, destroying her friendship with David.

Nicole was clearly upset by her decision to lie directly to Da'Vonne's face multiple times, and was even brought to tears. However, she couldn't actually bring herself to tell the truth, because of how it would impact her alliance.

Da'Vonne was eventually evicted after a passionate final appeal -- and her still believing David had betrayed her -- and Kevin managed to survive his fourth time on the chopping block.

Following Da'Vonne's eviction, ET spoke with the newly minted jury member after she exited the house. Because she is now a member of the jury, which will help determine the winner of Big Brother: All-Stars on finale night, questions regarding any strategy, game play, intel or conversations Da'Vonne was not privy to or did not witness herself during her time within the Big Brother walls were off-limits.

ET: You delivered two powerful eviction speeches. You seemed to really understand what it meant to be a Black woman playing this game, in this year. Do you think your housemates understood that?

Da'Vonne Rogers: I tried to make sure throughout the season to educate whenever I had the opportunity to do so with the housemates, also because I knew live feeds were on and I wanted those watching at home to be able to get that education, as well. And so, that was my mission in those conversations, to get a lot of them to be aware. Because I would hear certain dialogues, certain conversations and I'm like, mmm... I could do one of two things: One, I could bash you because you're talking crazy, or two, I could take this moment to educate you, and I think that's where a lot of people fall short when it comes to this movement, they don't take the time to educate people. They just say, "Oh, you don't get it," and then they throw them away or, "You don't get it…" and then they slander them. Let me educate you. So, now that I've given you this knowledge and I've deposited it into you, you have no more excuses. There's no room to say, "I didn't know…" or "I didn't…" No! Now, you know. So, I'm holding people accountable and I'm having the conversations and making people aware.

You told host Julie Chen that it's a house full of fakes. Who's the fakest and why?

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? The list is… it goes! It goes. Tyler is very fake to me. I didn't appreciate how he came to Bayleigh and I and told us that, you know, he wanted to self-evict and throw himself to Christmas so that she could put him up as a replacement nom, and I get that -- that might've been strategy or whatever, but what bothered me is he said, "You two both deserve to be here, I understand why you're here. I get the Black Lives Matter movement, so I'm gonna do this to show you guys that I'm an ally." That’s what bothered me. Don't use the movement for strategic purposes for the game. So, that -- he is top for me.

Nicole lied to you about the vote to evict Ian. She begged for your friendship after. Can you be friends?

Absolutely. You know, it's a game. She is going to have to have a moment to be educated, as well, 'cause, you know, I understand she had to do a game move, but I asked her privately, "Hey, on a personal level, I as a Black woman do not want to be on this show bashing a Black man for something he didn't even do." So, I said, "If you did it…"" -- and I even gave her an out. I said, "Hey, Nicole. If you freaked out at the last minute and decided to flip your vote, that's cool. Let me know that. But don't have me out here publicly bashing this man. Like, help me out in that department." And the fact that she couldn't do that, ugh. I don't, I don't know. Me and her are gonna have to have a long conversation, 'cause that, I'm really bothered by that. But it's still fresh, you know what I'm saying? Who knows what's gonna happen when the game is over. Right now, it's really fresh. And so right now, I have a major problem with her.

What's your message to David now knowing the truth, that he didn't betray you?

Like I told him in the house, I am so sorry. Like, there are no words to explain how sorry I am. You know, for not trusting him and being vocal about that, I am definitely apologetic. However, it's not like I just pulled it out of the sky. Throughout this time, David has went out of his way to sabotage my game and has confessed to it, so the level of trust was not there. There was not trust between us, so a move like that was kinda perfect when it came to he and I, because the foundation was so, the trust foundation was terrible! But, I am deeply apologizing from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that he can forgive me and I hope that we can be friends afterwards.

You've played three times, you love this game. But what would it take for you to play again?

Just a phone call! Call me. I love this game. I'm gonna play if they call me, every single time until I win! Like, I come into this house and of course, you know, we complain. "Oh my god. We're here…" It's that, but I love the game. All aspects of it, the competition level, the meeting different people, the messiness that's about to occur! I love all of it, and I would have those moments inside of the house where I would have to, I would find myself battling as a houseguest vs. a fan. I'm like, "As a viewer, I wanna say this. But as a houseguest, I have to shut up." And so, it was just -- I love this game! I'd play it over and over.

Who should join you and Ian in Jury and why?

I would love to see Tyler, I would love to see Nicole. I would love to see Memphis. I would love to see everybody except David, Dani and Chris -- I mean, David, Dani and Kevin. That's it. All of 'em can come. Let's go. Speed it up.

Did you get your margarita yet?

I did not! But I got my moscato. Hey! I'm OK.

Watch the video below to see ET's candid conversation with Ian on his eviction last week.


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