'Big Brother All-Stars': Tyler Crispen on What Went Wrong and If He Was Genuine About Leaving Game (Exclusive)

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Big Brother: All Starslatest evicted houseguest, Tyler Crispen, is the newest member of the jury.

The Big Brother 20 runner-up fell short of reaching his ultimate goal, but it seemed clear his number was up this week. After a chaotic triple eviction last week, where Tyler won the final HOH and played a hand in fellow Committee member Dani Donato Briones' demise, he was on new HOH Cody Calafiore's target list. With the numbers dwindling and the finale fast approaching, the dominant Committee alliance, which Tyler was a part of, was forced to go after each other.

For a while, it seemed Cody and ally Enzo Palumbo were considering keeping Tyler around and booting another Committee member, Christmas Abbott, who was up on the block next to Tyler -- mainly due to her close allegiance to Memphis Garrett. And Tyler, who put up former winner Nicole Franzel on the block next to Dani on triple eviction night, was hard-pressed to earn Nicole's vote to keep him in. But Tyler threw a Hail Mary in his final speech, saying it wouldn't "be good for any of your games if you vote to evict me." So, with a 3-0 vote, he became the latest Big Brother player to fall.

Because the Big Brother game has moved into the jury phase, ET was only able to ask the evictees about conversations and moments they were a part of or privy to inside the house. ET talked to Tyler the morning after his eviction about where he believes his game went awry, the houseguest who may have the hardest time winning over the jury and if he was genuine about wanting to sacrifice himself for Bayleigh Dayton and Da'Vonne Rogers in the game.

ET: Where do you think your game went wrong?

Tyler Crispen: Where do I think my game went wrong? I don’t know. There’s a lot of moments that I could probably pinpoint, but that would take awhile. I can’t really say a direct moment in time. I definitely know at the beginning, it definitely took me a while to get in the Big Brother zone, if that makes sense? Like, my first season I feel like I was dialed in from minute one. But this time, it took me a while. So maybe that beginning part of the game, I wasn’t really setting myself up as well as I could have. But I have no regrets.

Memphis and Cody revealed their multiple final two deals to you. Do you think revealing that info was a smart move?

Yeah. Those guys had all the final twos! Sounded like me from Big Brother 20. No, I think it definitely was a good move to reveal that, to me at least. I think it’s a good strategy and I think it’s going to make for some good TV coming down the line, because this endgame is going to be messy. They’re going to have to pick and choose and I’m excited to see.

Which houseguest left in the game has done the worst job at jury management? 

I gotta say Christmas because [I'm] pretty sure she was, like, yelling at Dani as she was walking out the door, so… I gotta say Christmas is not doing the best job at jury management and that’s why I wanted to sit next to her in the final two. But, who knows? She could be giving the world’s best goodbye messages, I don’t know. But to me, it seemed like she was not doing that great of a job.

Your triple eviction night HOH took out Dani. Looking back, do you wish you had been able to evict someone else?

No, I don’t think I would’ve evicted anybody other than Dani. I had been setting it up for weeks, letting everybody know, "Hey, Dani’s being sketchy. I need her to go. I don’t trust her." So, if I would’ve done anything else, they would’ve all told Dani if she stuck around and it just wouldn’t have made sense, so no. I wouldn’t have done anything different.

Were you genuine when you told Bayleigh and Da’Vonne that you would be willing to sacrifice yourself to save one of them?

I was one million percent genuine in that, because -- like I said -- it took me awhile to really get into the game and play Big Brother the way it should be played because I had so much on my mind about wanting to do the right thing, wanting the right people to be successful and when they ended up on the block together, I felt like it was my fault. I felt so guilty that I could’ve possibly prevented it and I didn’t. So, I was one million percent being genuine with that and Christmas kinda had to knock some game sense into me and be like, "Listen, I can’t backdoor you. You are my final two." Like, that would make no sense. And from there, I kinda had to turn on Big Brother mode and keep playing, ‘cause that’s what I was there for. But I was one million percent genuine. I would’ve absolutely sacrificed my own game for them.

What’s your message for Angela before you head to the jury house?

My message to Angela, ugh! Only three weeks left. I cannot wait to see her face and just never, ever be away again for this long. I love you so much, Angela.

Big Brother All-Stars airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. Watch jury member Dani Donato Briones' eviction interview with ET below.

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