'Big Brother': Kat and Nick Open Up About Their Jury House Hook-Up (Exclusive)

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This was a love triangle we didn't see coming -- but Julie Chen did warn us to expect the unexpected. 

Big Brother 21's Nick Maccarone, who previously had a showmance with Bella Wang, found himself moving on with Kat Dunn in the jury house, despite the latter's distaste for him while she was in the game. 

Nick and Kat's romance was unveiled on last Wednesday's episode, while Bella, who was voted out earlier this season and didn't make the jury, was forced to watch it all at home. So, where do things stand now? ET' Brice Sander spoke with the houseguests after Wednesday's season 21 finale, where they dished on what exactly went down. 

"I know America's probably confused about all of that, because when I got evicted I hated Nick," Kat said. "[But] where there's hate, there's love. And I'm not saying that I love Nick, my any means, but there's a lot of things I really do love about Nick, and I enjoy hanging out with him."

However, she said the whole fling didn't add up to a showmance, explaining, "We were really just enjoying each other's company."

"He's feeling' really awkward right now about Bella, so I'm gonna let him figure out whatever that is," she shared with a laugh and a shrug, adding that she's "been avoiding" Bella since the whole drama started.

For his part, Nick seemed remorseful for how the situation played out, and explained that "everything I said about Isabella in the House was true! I really did have feelings for her and, like I said, I will always love and care about her."

"Unfortunately, when you get into the jury house... you develop feelings sometimes," he added. "I happened to develop feelings for Katherine, and it sucked because I wasn't able to communicate with Isabella and let her know. I wanted to... but I wasn't allowed."

"I tried to be as respectful as I could," he added. "I feel bad, and I wished it would have turned out differently."

Nick and Kat are far from the only showmance this season, with Jack Matthews and Analyse "Sis" Talavera as well as Jackson Michie and Holly Allen coupling up. Circle back to ET for more scoop from Big Brother 21. 


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