'Big Little Lies': Meryl Streep Reveals Where Fans Can See Cut Ice Cream-Throwing Scene (Exclusive)

Meryl Streep
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Fans weren't thrilled when they realized they wouldn't get to watch Reese Witherspoon nail Streep with an ice cream cone on Sunday.

If you were hoping to watch Reese Witherspoon pelt Meryl Streep with an ice cream cone during this season of Big Little Lies, you're going to have to wait a while.

Set photos snapped last year clearly hinted at a scene in which Witherspoon's character, Madeline, threw a nearly full ice cream at Streep's Mary Louise, but when the episode aired on Sunday, there was no hurling of delicious confection to be found.

There was, however, a scene in which Madeline and daughter Abigail (Kathryn Newton) buy ice cream and then have a confrontation with Streep outside, and it was clear from the outfits and context that this was where the ice cream throwing should have happened, but it turns out the scene was cut.

While some fans were clearly disappointed, if Twitter reactions to the missing moment are any indication, it was no secret that the scene had been left on the editing room floor. Streep said as much when the three-time Oscar winner spoke with ET at the Big Little Lies season 2 premiere back in May.

"[Reese] just told me it's not in the show!" Streep revealed when asked about going toe-to-toe with her co-star outside the ice cream parlot. "It's [going to be] in the DVD extras."


While Witherspoon didn't mention that the scene had been excised while talking with ET, she did open up about what it was like to face off against an actress as legendary as Streep throughout the season.

"It was intimidating for sure. I had to like, sometimes pull myself back and take a deep breath and go, 'OK, she's just a person, she's just a human being,'" Witherspoon recalled. "But it was a thrill, and to get to sit with her and talk about the script and work through scenes, it was just like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

"As an actor, all my life, worshipping her work, and she's just as truthful and honest and genuine and fun loving as you can imagine," she added.

Witherspoon previously gushed about getting to pelt Streep, telling ET last August that it was "a Top 5 moment in my career, for sure." She also shared details of the moment when she stopped by Good Morning America, telling co-host Robin Roberts, "I might or might not have thrown an ice cream cone at Meryl Streep. In a scene, 'cause she made me mad... And I hit her! Like, I nailed it! She turned around and she was like, 'Yeah you got me.'"

As for Adam Scott, who plays Witherspoon's husband, Ed Mackenzie, on the HBO drama, everyone came to the table trying their hardest with Streep on board.

"She did throw an ice cream cone at her. I think that if you're a human being you always up your game if you're around Meryl Steep," Scott said, adding. "You [also] up your game when you're around Reese Witherspoon, good lord."

As for the fans, there was plenty of disappointment and outrage online after the episode aired, and the highly-anticipated ice cream toss wasn't seen, with one fan posting a photo of the viral moment and lamenting, "MADELINE DIDN'T THROW HER ICE CREAM AT MARY LOUISE! THIS IMAGE IS THE BIGGEST LITTLE LIE OF THEM ALL!"

After the uproar, Witherspoon tweeted about the cut scene, writing: "And I will always share these memories with you all."

For more on the ice cream toss seen 'round the world -- just not on TV -- check out the video below.